The Rings of Power: Will the Director Return in Upcoming Seasons?

The Rings of Power: the Director would like to return for the next few seasons

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For the first time ever, the epic Middle-earth saga by J.R.R. Tolkien was brought to the small screen thanks to the efforts of Amazon Prime Video. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power debuted last September recounting the Second Age, thousands of years before the events narrated in Lo Hobbit e The Lord of the Rings. The production of the TV series is now at work on the second season.

During the first chapter several directors took turns, including Juan Antonio Bayona (Penny Dreadful), who was unable to take part in the reshoots due to the production of a film. The director from Barcelona explained that he would absolutely like to go back to shooting, if there was the possibility:
“Unfortunately I haven’t had time to get involved in season 2. I’ve been busy on a film that I’m still working on. It’s been very busy. I’ve been in contact with the guys and the actors trying to find out what’s going to happen, and I’m really excited to see season two. Would definitely go back. I have some great friends involved and would love to collaborate with them again.”.

bayonne emphasized the great respect he had for this project:
“It was a huge responsibility. I respect the books so much, I read them when I was a kid and I re-read them to prepare for the show. I felt a responsibility to bring such a wonderful story back to the screen”.

The Spanish director also spoke of the TV series, designed to end after five seasons:
“I’m really excited about the story. I know the ending, I know everything that should happen and I’m super excited to see the whole story”

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is available on Prime Video with its first season. In the meantime, the first details and the latest additions to the cast of the second have been revealed.

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