Terra Amara, previews 20 May 2023

Amara land, Turkish advances: Zuleyha released from prison

Zuleyha released from prison? The previews of Bitter land, the Turkish soap that has captivated the Canale 5 audience for more than a year now, reveal that Zuleyha is doing really badly in prison. The woman was exasperated by her husband Demir, who first took her to the middle of the forest and then almost executed her. The reason is Demir’s obsession with Yilmaz, the man with whom he is convinced that she is a wife is carrying on an extramarital affair.

Although a shot echoed through the woods, Demir did not open fire on his wife. She the latter reappears at the gates of the Yaman estate, but Demir repudiates her: he cannot accept that Zuleyha continues to tarnish the good name of the family with her promiscuous behavior. Zuleyha has her children taken away, as Demir prevents her from seeing them. Hunkar knows well that that situation is also his fault, that he has never done anything to cool his son’s temper and his hatred towards his wife. Here Hunkar tries to show his children to Zuleyha, but Demir finds out and intervenes abruptly.

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After trying to set herself on fire in the square to prove her innocence, Zuleyha is taken to Fekeli’s house. Taking advantage of a moment of distraction due to the discussion between Yilmaz and Mujgan, Zuleyha steals Fekeli’s gun and – having reached her estate – shoots her husband Demir. The latter is rushed to the hospital: his conditions are very serious, and the man lies in a coma after undergoing the operation that saved his life. Meanwhile Zuleyha is in prison and has to deal with the other inmates who adopt somewhat threatening behavior towards her.

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According to Turkish advances, Zuleyha will be released from prison when Demir – who will wake up from a coma – decides to testify in his favor at the trial. Although for Zuleyha the nightmare of prison will soon end, the woman risks a lot: both Mujgan and her aunt Behice have bad intentions towards her.

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