Jennifer Coolidge Feels Insecure, Admits: ‘I Have Regrets About How I’ve Handled My Career’

Actress Jennifer Coolidge, speaking with her colleague Jeremy Allen White, commented on her professional experiences while admitting her regrets.

Jennifer Coolidge Feels Insecure, Admits: 'I Have Regrets About How I've Handled My Career'

Jennifer Coolidgespeaking about his professional experiences with Jeremy Allen White, admitted that he has some regrets regarding the way he has managed his career.
The stars of The White Lotus and The Bear are two of the protagonists of the meetings organized by Variety which allow two artists to confront each other and share anecdotes and reflections.

An unused period

Speaking about the beginning of her career, Jennifer Coolidge admitted: “Now that I’m old enough to really think back on my life and certainly my mistakes, I notice a lot of them. But I never had a strategy. I went from one job to another“.
The actress reiterated: “I have to say I made the terrible mistake of not riding the wave I had at the beginning of my career. It was sort of in the ’90s when I had Legally Blonde, Royal Breeds, and American Pie. And then a few years later, there was Cinderella Story and stuff like that. But that was the moment“.

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The White Lotus

The White Lotus: An image by Jennifer Coolidge

Jennifer then added: “I started chasing men. I wasn’t paying attention. I just thought my whole life was ahead of me. I never said, ‘I want to do…’… I got some jobs, but I didn’t have a plan“.
Tanya’s interpreter in The White Lotus then explained: “I think that was my fatal mistake, because it took so long to be able to get something years later. I think back and say, ‘What was I thinking?’. And then I bought this house in New Orleans and I focused on restoring it“.

Among the regrets of the actress there is also that of not dedicating herself more to the theater. Jennifer admitted those experiences could have helped her: “There is nothing worse than being insecure at work. I was working a while ago and I don’t know if I was really close to the director’s vision because every time we shot a scene he said: ‘Yes, yes. Why don’t we try it again?’. And you think, ‘They don’t have the balls to tell me how bad I’m acting’“.

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