Isola dei Famosi, all the castaways against Helena Prestes, “You’re not as beautiful as Belen and you don’t have a nail by Raz Degan”

On the Isola dei Famosi, most of the group now no longer tolerate the behavior of the Brazilian model, whose attitude seems necessarily provocative.

All’Island of the Famous, most of the group now no longer tolerate the behavior of the Brazilian model Helena Presteswhose attitude seems necessarily provocative.

Isola 2023, Helena Prestes against everyone

During the last few hours spent in Honduras, Helena he discussed with Gian Maria Sainato, Andrea, Mazzoli, Pamela and Cristina Scuccia who have shown themselves decidedly annoyed by his constant requests and above all by his intolerant attitudes and often inclined to deliberately create discussions.

“But why don’t you go away? Go there. We have given you everything you need… you can’t stay with two feet in one shoe. It’s not like you stay with us when you want and when you don’t want you stay there. It doesn’t exist, in life you have to make decisions that hurt, you have to be consistent. When there are people who want to pass others off as what they are not and they are always the good-goodies, I’m sorry but it pisses me off. Because I have always shown that I am a correct person from the first day I’m here”, Andrea declared to Helena.

Of the same opinion, too Marco Mazzoli who accused Helena of thinking only of herself when it comes to food rations:

“She wants to be the Raz Degan of the poor, you are not a nail of Raz Degan! You are not as beautiful as Belen Rodriguez.”

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