Bruce Willis on a roller coaster at Disneyland with his family: the video

If we didn’t know about the serious neurological disease afflicting Bruce Willis, we wouldn’t believe it, because the actor appears in splendid shape while having fun on an attraction in the Disneyland park with his wife and daughter.

It is very tender to see all the affection that surrounds him Bruce Willis from his extended family, all female, made up of his wife Emma Heming and his two daughters and ex Demi Moore with his daughters, who show him a truly invigorating love. That will be why the actor. struck by aphasia in 2022, first symptoms of a progressive neurological disease, frontotemporal dementia, appears serene and perfectly in itself in the video shared by his wife on Instagram, made on a roller coaster attraction at Disneyland – Splash Mountain – with one of the daughters. In the video we see Bruce Willis with one arm to protect the child like a safety belt during the next descent, while with the other he covers her face and says “You better be careful, I think we’re about to go down again”.

Bruce Willis and the trip to Disneyland with the family

The video was made shortly before the attraction closed on May 31st to be refurbished and placed in a new setting, inspired by the Disney film The Princess and the Frogwhich will reopen in 2024. For this Emma Heming writes, “You can bet this family will be back for more fun and laughs when you reopen as Tiana’s Bayou. Thanks for all the memories Splash Mountain.”

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