Big Brother Vip, “Oriana told Nikita to stay away from Daniele”, Matteo Diamante’s confession

Matteo Diamante to the microphones of Radio Cusano Campus, gave a long interview also talking about the recent breakup between Oriana Marzoli and Daniele Dal Moro, his former adventure companions at Gf Vip.

Matteo Diamante to the microphones of Radio Cusano Campus, he gave a long interview also talking about the recent breakup between Oriana Marzoli and Daniele Dal Morohis former adventure companions al Gf Vip.

Gf Vip, Matteo Diamante: “The Oriele? Surely if you want to keep a relationship, when you argue it’s better not to go overboard on social media. My favorite couple are Antonella and Edoardo”

Here’s what the ex gieffino sui said Oriesas reported by the blog of Isaiah:

“The Orieles? I hope I don’t have people who then come and threaten me at home! Given that I cultivate my own little garden without looking at the other people’s. But analyzing what’s happening, I’m a little sorry. There are always reasons behind which clearly no one knows. The web only sees the ugly side of two people who hurt each other, argue. I’m not saying that one is wrong or not. Surely if you want to maintain a relationship, when you argue it is better not to go overboard on social media .”

“Unless there’s something behind it, then maybe it’s more arguing on social media than arguing about your own business. It must be said that Oriana and I haven’t had this whole great relationship, in fact I’m telling you the truth, I don’t We don’t even like each other that much. Personally we had clarified inside the house, but then the doubt came to me, since in theory there was the option that one of the three of us had to stay inside, I wouldn’t want this one to make peace because ” at least I have one more friend” and I won’t name her. You have some doubts there, also seeing the things that have happened outside, the various dynamics. Having said that, I’m sorry, I don’t want it.”

“Yesterday I was with them (Antonella and Edoardo). Yes, when they were together (with Daniele) it almost seemed like it was their fault. Nikita was close to Daniele for six months and then she was removed for obvious reasons, because Oriana told her to stay away from him. She suffered a little from this thing here, because when Nikita loves you, he also gives you his soul and heart. I read on Twitter that Oriana went to Antonino’s house after Signorini’s party, so they must have started arguing from there, Antonella had nothing to do with it. I understood that the thing was earlier. I was present at Signorini’s party but then I went home. Yes, in my opinion it will be resolved. Let’s hope. If two people really want each other well they go beyond anything. I can guarantee you that never like this year, I believe it is also due to the duration, seven months, people have grown fond of, fiercely so much that the fandoms, however, are often so exaggerated that they go to create useless mess. You have to be good at managing it, because if you’re not good it’s not easy.”

As for i Donnalisi Instead, Matteo he has declared:

“I am a Donnalisi! I lived the very moment in which there was the peak of love and then many quarrels and then together again. And I helped to keep them attached because they are really beautiful to see. When I’m I get along very well with them. Then we are very good friends with Edo, I love Anto immensely. Yes, they are my favorite couple!”

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