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Beautiful Advances and American Plots: Liam in the arms of another woman but it won’t be Steffy!

Beautiful Advances and American Plots: Liam in the arms of another woman but it won't be Steffy!

The unthinkable could happen in the American episodes of The Beautiful. Liam could find comfort in the arms of another woman, which would not be Steffy. But who will this girl be able to heal her wounds and the disappointment caused by Hope? Let’s find out.

What if we told you that Liam could end up in the arms of another woman e push Hope away from Thomas forever? And if we add that this other woman is not Steffy, how would you react? We suppose you would be as amazed as we are! Some voices from the United States reveal to us that in the next episodes Of Beautiful we could see a sensational twistwhich would see not only the return of a character which has not been talked about for some time but also of a possible intervention in the shaky love story between Spencer and his confused wife. Now we reveal everything!

Beautiful advances: Liam fed up with the love triangle with Thomas

The American advances Of Beautiful they already made us understand that Liam will be fed up with the love triangle who sees it of new protagonistwith Hope e Thomas. After learned from Steffy that his wife it’s surely attracted to Forrester is that flirted with himlo Spencer will be increasingly on guard and he just won’t be able to get over it. L’upcoming trip to Italyper presentare la Hope for the Future, could deliver the coup de grace to the boy and make him think about listening to his ex-wife. Hope and Thomas – that’s for sure – will have a great time in Rome and will be very close, given the work they will have to do. Some photos, leaked these days, have shown them together among the roofs of the romantic Eternal City and this could be the reason why Liam will say enough at some point.

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Beautiful Previews: Liam finds consolation in another woman

And here we come to the point. Liamon returning home, could find comfort in a woman we know fine but what it’s not Steffy. It seems that the flashback with Forrester, which we had already told you about, will not happen but worse things will happen. The Spencer may find itself passing gods very romantic moments withFlo! The Wyatt’s girlfriendwhich has not been talked about for some time, could return to shake the plots of Beautiful. Disappointed by her partner’s behaviorThat he doesn’t seem determined to marry herthe girl may confide in her brother-in-law. Two broken hearts that their worries and pains will be confided to each other and that, in the common suffering, they could find comfort and consolationso much that indulge in a kiss. What if Hope passes right then? The irreparable would happen.

Plots and Previews Beautiful: Liam and Hope say goodbye because of Flo?

Se Hope should see o should come to know about the kiss between Liam and Flocould be decide to be consoled by Thomas, obviously furious with her husband. For the moment these are just rumors, which do not seem completely absurd to us. She always stands the love triangle with Steffy, also a probable shoulder to cry on for Spencer. To be sure, we’ll have to wait for late summer and the return of the protagonists from romantic Rome, the destination towards which – in the American episodes of the Soap – they are about to leave.

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