Barracuda Queens tv series: release, cast and streaming

Barracuda Queens TV series, when does it come out? From June 5 on Netflix

Exclusively on Netflix the first season of Barracuda Queensnew Swedish drama TV series created by Amanda Adolfsson and Camilla Ahlgren with first-time actresses such as Izabella Scorupco, Alva Bratt, Sarah Gustafsson, Tea Stjärne, Tindra Monsen Tindra Monsen and Sandra Strandberg Zubovic.

They are at the center of this fascinating drama based on events that took place during the era of the Girl Power revolution in the 90s. In that decade, women’s movements were in great turmoil, with echoes reaching as far as Stockholm, especially in the affluent and quiet residential area. Here, a group of rather bored and rich young women try to break up the daily routine by improvising themselves as neighborhood criminals, just for the fun of it.

The episodes Barracuda Queens are available in platform from Monday 5 June 2023 in all territories reached by the streaming service.

Plot of Barracuda Queens TV series, what is it about?

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Stockholm, 1995. Lollo, Klara, Frida and Mia are four privileged girls from Djursholm, the wealthy suburb of the capital, and call themselves Barracuda Queens. In a moment of desperation, after receiving the bill for a particularly lame evening party, the girls devise a reckless plan to raise the money quickly: rob the house of Amina, a new neighbor. Things don’t go as planned, but luckily Amina is more interested in joining the gang than reporting the girls. Together, the five Barracuda Queens carry out a series of increasingly ambitious thefts that target their neighbors, as wealthy as they are obnoxious.

Barracuda Queens cast, actors and characters

Who do we meet in official cast of the TV series Barracuda Queens? Let’s find out together:

  • Alva Bratt is Lollo Millkvist
  • Tindra Monsen and Klara Rapp
  • Sandra Strandberg Zubovic and Frida Rapp
  • Tea Star is Mia Thorstensson
  • Sarah Gustafsson is Amina Khalil
  • Carsten Bjørnlund and Lars Millkvist
  • Izabella Scorupco and Margareta Millkvist
  • Max Ulveson it is Calle Millkvist
  • Johannes Bach Kuhnke and Claes Rapp

How many episodes of Barracuda Queens are there?

In all they are 6 episodes of the Swedish drama TV series created by Amanda Adolfsson and Camilla Ahlgren.

Barracuda Queens trailer

Barracuda Queens streaming, where to see it?

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Stream the complete first season of Barracuda Queens is available exclusively on Netflix in all territories reached by the service.

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