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A place in the sun 12-16 June 2023, previews

A place in the sun 12-16 June 2023, previews

A place in the sun spoilers for next episodes

What happens in the next episodes of A Place in the Sun broadcast on Rai 3 during the week from 12-16 June 2023? The appointments with the soap proceed every day, from Monday to Friday, premiered on Rai 3 from 8.50pm about. This is the new time effective from Monday 29 October 2022.

After what we saw then in previous episodesin the week from 12-16 June 2023 Of Un Place in the Sun bets are scheduled 62156216, 6217, 6218, 6219 e 6220. It’s about six and not five episodes because Thursday 15UPAS goes in the wave with a double bet.

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Ima Pirone and Fiorenzo Madonna in a scene from
Ima Pirone and Fiorenzo Madonna in a scene from “Un Posto Al Sole” Credits: Rai

A Place in the Sun episode 6215 Monday 12 June 2023

In the next episodes of the soap, still unaware of the true intentions of Ida (Marta Anna Borucinska) ready to return to Naples, Lara (Chiara Conti) will take advantage of a family anniversary to get closer and closer to Roberto (Riccardo Polizzy Carbonelli), thus sanctioning an increasingly central place in his life. Meanwhile comes from Mariella (Antonella Prisco) a sudden and unexpected invitation for Cerruti (Cosimo Alberti) e Castrese (Peppe Romano). Will the two accept? Later a new request for Fausto (Fausto Acernese) to members of the Volcano creates new and uncomfortable situations.

A Place in the Sun episode 6216 Tuesday 13 June 2023

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Become Marina (Nina Soldano) in the Ferri house, thus bringing Roberto to a painful battle. In the meantime too Lara is informed of Giordano’s arrival at Palazzo Palladini, while Ida he comes across dangerous new events that delay his arrival in Naples. Later Cerruti accepts the invitation of Mariella hoping that Castrese is ready to come out. Then he realizes that he was too optimistic. Meanwhile, the decision suddenly arrives Niko (Luca Turco) to stay away from Manuela (Gina Amarante) and costable (Antonio Fiore): after seeing them together, the lawyer will remain distant from her

A Place in the Sun episode 6217 Wednesday 14 June 2023

Let’s discover an unexpected side of Ida’s character, while Roberto will try to clarify things with Lara. Yet Ferri doesn’t know that Marina, from the top of his curiosity, he will be able to find out everything that happened during his absence. Later the understanding between grows more and more Giulia (Marina Tagliaferri) e Luca (Luigi Di Fiore), annoying not a little Renato (Marzio Honorato). Soon, however, Luca will have to deal with the prejudices associated with his illness. Mariellahowever, begins to suspect that Sasa may be hiding something from you.

Un Posto al Sole episodes 6218 and 6219 on Thursday 15 June 2023

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Tension erupts once again between Roberto e Marina. But if on the one hand Roberto she struggles to find a way to save her marriage, on the other hand Marina makes a very unexpected decision. Later Ornella (Marina Giulia Cavalli) begins to feel a lot of nostalgia for her now downsized hospital job, while Scarlett finds himself increasingly at odds with the ways of doing of Riccardo (Mauro Racanati). Sorry for how she went with Luca, Michele he will try to reconnect with his friend. Meanwhile Cerruti, in crisis with Castrese, withdraws into himself, while Mariella he keeps wondering who is hiding behind Bufalotto.

Scarlett e Riccardo they keep seeing it and thinking about it in different ways. At this point Ornella will take care of making her reflect on a particular aspect of the boy. What is it about? Later Nuncio (Vladimir Randazzo), in the midst of a nostalgic moment, decides to call Chiara (Alessandra Masi) while remaining very shocked by the implications of the phone call. Meanwhile, the rift between Ferri e Marina it gets deeper and deeper, enough to push the Giordano to kick her husband out of the house. Meanwhile, a sudden arrival in Naples threatens to hinder the plans of Laraleaving with his son for Capri

A Place in the Sun episode 6220 Friday 16 June 2023

After sharing a sudden kiss, Scarlett e Nuncio they decide to openly go back to their usual lives. Yet, what just happened did not leave them indifferent. We also find Eduardo (Fiorenzo Madonna) increasingly determined to conquer Clara (Imma Pirone). For this, the guy will try to make a gesture towards her that he will leave the woman speechless. Renato he did not take well the frequentation between Giulia and Luca and, in order to avoid it, he asks for hospitality from Otello (Lucio Allocca), but his strange behavior does not go unnoticed by Raffaele (Patrizio Rispo).