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Last: “That’s why I returned to Sanremo this year, Mahmood? A diatribe created by others”

Last: "That's why I returned to Sanremo this year, Mahmood? A diatribe created by others"

Last is told: from the Sanremo Festival to Amici up to the relationship with Mahmood.

Laststage name of Nicolò Moriconi, has returned to speak of Sanremo 2023. Interviewed by Corriere della Sera, the young and beloved Roman singer-songwriter commented on his discussed participation in the Festival clarifying once and for all his position towards Mahmood.

Last: from auditions to Amici at the Sanremo Festival

Last he told himself in a beautiful and interesting interview with Corriere della Sera. Winner of San Remo Young in 2018, the Roman singer-songwriter then walked the Ariston stage among the Big in 2019, finishing behind Mahmood and dragging along quite a few controversies for his behavior:

I returned to Sanremo this year, precisely because I had left it in a way I didn’t like, and I wanted to make peace with the festival. I certainly didn’t need it to get up, I had just returned from the Circus Maximus and fifteen stadiums, but I wanted to express my gratitude for that stage and for what is behind it, for everything it represents…

About Mahmood, Last ha confessed in what relationship I am today:

We didn’t get to know each other because everyone makes their own business, but I have nothing against him. That moment he saw us opposed, but it was a diatribe created by others. Fabrizio Moro is a great friend. When in May 2016 they told me that he liked my first single, “Chiave”, and he invited me to open one of his concerts, I went out on the street, I remember that it was raining, it was a great emotion.

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The young artist said he had also tried to enter the Amici school and X Factor:

I presented myself three times to Amici, twice to X Factor, twice to Sanremo Giovani, at the time of Carlo Conti, and they never took me. He had to go like this. Yet I sang the songs that thousands of kids liked: Hanging Dreams, Giusy, Piccola Stella. The stage is the only place where I feel safe. But every time before I get on it I’m convinced I’m about to pass out. Am I a hypochondriac? Yes, in the sense that I would like to have everything under control; but no one can have everything under control. It started when at sixteen, to prepare for a high school entrance exam, I made a whole pot of coffee and I developed tachycardia. I have two, three visits a week.