Big Brother Vip, Matteo Diamante: “Nikita Pelizon? I can’t deny she is the woman of my life”

Matteo Diamante to the microphones of Radio Cusano Campus, returned to talk about the relationship with Nikita Pelizon, the model from Trieste who he found in the Casa del Gf Vip.

Matteo Diamante, guest from Turquoise Baracchi on the radio show Turquoise are Radio Cusano Campus and with the occasion he returned to talk about his relationship with Nikita Pelizonhis ex-girlfriend with whom, thanks to the brief adventure lived with her at Gf Viphas returned to having a good understanding after the end of their romance.

“When I was about to enter, I had a good speech in mind, but not the one that was finally made from the heart. When I entered, I was in a ball because it had really been a long time since we had met. We had really canceled each other. It was a nice moment. Being a couple born from Ex On the Beach we had so many fans. Every time something happened between us we had a little… like I said before.”

“From experience, if you don’t want to end a relationship, your private facts are better never to say them. If you speak ill of a person in front of the public, maybe then after a year it will be difficult for you to make these same people understand that the thing can be We’re normal people too, made up of feelings, when you’re angry you can say and think one thing, but when you’re alone at night you think about it and say but because I said it, I love him, I shouldn’t have done it That’s why I always say keep things to yourself. From there, she and I learned to talk.”

The former gieffino then continued:

“It may seem like a very easy thing, but when two people want to argue, they often even argue and then leave, sometimes it’s just a matter of communication. Maybe they want to say the same thing by asserting their opinion, but in the wrong way. When she reproached me (for not paying attention to her) I can tell you that she was right. I wanted to do things slowly and therefore the idea of ​​giving up suddenly scared me. When you look too much for someone, when you give them too much attention, in my opinion it is too oppressive. You reduce space, you don’t let a person breathe. Instead, at that moment she wanted me to occupy her space. And therefore, by giving her little attention, she found a person who gave her more attention than me. She had to go like this.” “Then after a year and a half we met again. And here we are. Do I love her? Oh my God love is a big word. For me love is also happiness and tranquility. love be happiness and peace of mind. I live a really hectic life, even Nikita is realizing it now. I fill my day with a thousand things even if people think I don’t do shit all day. I created my independence. Happiness is when you get home and there is a person who resets everything that has happened to you, loads you up and makes you happy and takes away all possible and unimaginable stress.”

“I courted Nikita a lot and she realized it. We are also doing a lot. I’m also happy to have given her a hand with her work. She has always been alone and all this fell on her in seven months . Reality TV, lots of people around her, job offers. She is very talented. I gave her a hand of my own free will to straighten herself out. We have a nice relationship of freedom. She does everything she has to do and I don’t stop her from doing absolutely nothing because we are not engaged. As a person who loves her, I can give advice at a working level to make her work better. We see each other often, for work and not only. But it is a relationship that we really want to live slowly. Calmly. What will be, will be. However, a beautiful friendship will remain.”

“Is she the woman of my life? That can’t be denied. When we’re not together, we miss each other. When we’re together, we have so much pressure that we don’t get together very much, actually. I can assure you that I’m in no hurry and neither is she. And it’s Just let her be free and stay free. Let’s take things slow.”

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