The ranking of the 15 best Japanese cartoons aired on Italia Uno, according to IMDb

How many unforgettable afternoons have we spent in front of the TV, watching Japanese cartoons on Italia Uno? It used to happen when we were younger, flying home from school at lightning speed because we wanted to see new episodes of One Piece o Pokémon and we promised the parents that we would do all our homework right after the ending theme song. But it also happened when we were a little older, because some souls just have no age – some we still watch. Each of us has become passionate about different products and has fallen in love with various characters, so that it would be very difficult to draw up a ranking of 15 best Japanese cartoons ever aired on Italia Uno based only on one’s personal experience: a thousand different rankings would come out. That’s why, to navigate this enterprise, we have taken IMDb as a reference. Get ready for a journey that will transport you back in time, to the memory of the first times you met worlds and characters. Who will occupy the first position?

15) Cat’s Eyes

One Piece

The voice of Cristina D’Avena immediately conquers our mind as soon as we hear about Cat eyes. With an IMDb rating of 7.3, le three sisters who made a pact they earn the fifteenth place. It was the 1985 when the events of the band dedicated to the theft of works of art landed on Italia Uno. L’action is the strong point of this Japanese cartoon that brings to the screen a trio of criminals, but with a very specific purpose: to recover all the works that belonged to Michael Heinz, their father disappeared. The goal is to find enough clues to be able to understand what happened to the man, a search in which the viewer will also take an active part in the course of the total 73 episodes. Who was your favorite sister?

14) Heidi

Although the novel of Heidi was written by Johanna Spyri, Swiss author, the cartoon is Japanese. For years the cartoon was aired on Rai Uno, and then landed on Italia Uno. Heidi she managed to enter the hearts of many viewers with her simplicity and ingenuity. By now there are those who know by heart entire scenes of the 52 episodes that make up the series. How many times have we imagined running towards the austere grandfather’s cabin? How many times have we hoped to finally see him smile? And who didn’t shed at least a few tears when Clara started walking again? The score on IMDb is 7.5, equal to that of the next position in the standings.

13) Pokémon

It might surprise the thirteenth position for such a famous and loved cartoon: with the heart we would have certainly placed it in the first places. The experience he gave us Pokémon it is unique and special. The merit of this cartoon is to transport the viewer into a world where everything seems possible. The protagonist creatures are immediately likeable and every child (and why not, even an adult) finds himself dreaming of having a Pokémon all his. Watching the adventures of Ash and Pikachu you always feel different emotions, they both laugh out loud and move with touching scenes. And you, what starter would you have choice?

12) Rossana

One Piece

Another big name: Roxanawith a score of 7.7. The first Italian vision dates back to 2000 and Italia Uno was the very first channel on which the series was broadcast. The scenario, compared to Pokémon, is more realistic and takes us to the school desks, where the eternal struggle between Rossana and Heric, one of the bullies in the class. A dispute which, however, will lead to a very painful love story. In addition to the school setting, Roxana shows us the world of television through the participation of the protagonist in the program Long live the joy. What makes it a successful series is thewide range of topics coveredfrom friendship to love, from family to work situations.

11) Holly e Benji

One Piece

Same score on IMDb for Holly e Benji, the most famous cartoon football couple in the world. The anime based on the manga Capitan Tsubasa it has always fascinated people of all ages, perhaps because it places a sport at the center of events that is truly loved by very different sections of the population. Sports career, team play, management of defeats are just some of the themes that emerge from the vision of the series. And it doesn’t matter if the matches last a thousand minutes and if the football fields in Holly e Benji they seem to occupy half of the earth’s surface: we will always be ready to suspend our disbelief and enjoy an episode.

10) Sailor Moon

One Piece

A little further up we find Sailor Moon, with a score of 7.8. The champion of justice initially landed on Canale 5 in 1995, but subsequently also conquered Italia Uno. We can consider this cartoon as the forerunner of all those series in which we find girls with magical powers who transform themselves by changing their clothes (while the enemies do no one knows what while waiting for the entire transformation phase). Magic and fantasy, therefore, are the masters and stimulate the imagination of the beholder. The whole reference to the is interesting planets of the solar system as a source of magic.

9) Lupin III

One Piece

We return to the world of crime with the most famous gentleman thief: Arsenio Lupin. It is an early adult anime series that served as a model and example for later ones. The first Italian vision dates back to 1979 on various local networks, only later was the cartoon broadcast on Italia Uno. The world of Lupin is really very extensive and in addition to the numerous animated series, it also consists of a dozen cinematic films and many films for television: it is precisely this wealth, probably, to have contributed to the great diffusion of the series. His score is 7.8.

8) Card Captor Sakura

One Piece

We approach very high scores, in this case 8.0, with Card Captor Sakurawhich arrived in Italy – directly on Italia Uno – in 1999. The second season also won the award Animage Anime Grand Prix in 1999. The charm of this cartoon is undoubtedly made up of magic: first of all the magical book found by the protagonist Sakura and the mysterious ones carte inside. Fantastic creatures like kero-chan they complete the work. As in the case of Lupine, albeit to a lesser extent, the adventures of Sakura have also created material for some films.

7) Candy Candy

Same score for Candy Candywhich like other slightly older cartoons (in this case 1980) made its debut on a series of local televisions and was later broadcast on Italia Uno as well. The story is set in the late nineteenth century and begins with the abandonment of two orphan girls, Candy and Annie, in a orphanage. When Candy is adopted by an aristocratic family, everything will change for her. Candy is one of the most loved cartoon protagonists, with her lively character and little inclination to let herself be suffocated by constraints. The episodes that see her as the protagonist are 115.

6) Doraemon

One Piece

In sixth place, with a score of 8.3 we find the famous space cat Doraemon, who can literally pull anything out of his belly pocket and loves dorayaki. One of the most important topics covered by this anime is that of bullying. In fact, the protagonist Nobita he is often threatened by his schoolmates Gian and Suneo. Precisely for this Doraemon tries to help him thanks to his special objects, even if often the result is to aggravate the situation. There are many laughs that arise from the vision of this series, but there is always room for one too reflection.

5) Naruto

One Piece

Score of 8.3 also for Narutoone of the Japanese cartoons on the most recent list: the first episode, in fact, was broadcast for the first time on September 5, 2006. Plenty of viewers have grown fond of the 12-year-old ninja from Leaf Village who dreams of becoming the ninja most important in the village. His is a story of growth and training that knows how to excite, entertain and make people think. The funniest elements are well balanced by moments of tension, creating a very multifaceted and profound story which, however, does not fail to make a laugh escape. Even the detailed characterization of the characters is an undoubted strength.

4) Lady Oscar

One Piece

Could Lady Oscar have been missing from our ranking? We are on the score of 8.3 also in this case, with a totally different story compared to the previous ones. The plot is inspired by the biography Marie Antoinette – An unintentionally heroic lifewritten by Stefan Zweig. The historically real character of Marie Antoinette is joined by the fictitious character of Oscar Francois de Jarjayes, a woman raised as a soldier. The events covered follow the French history of XVIII centuryespecially what concerns the women who have lived in the palace of Versailles. A material that is not easy to deal with in a cartoon, but Lady Oscar it succeeds perfectly, presenting itself as a complex and detailed product that is liked by a very large number of spectators.

3) Detective Conan


Third place on our podium is occupied by none other than Detective Conan – and here too it is difficult not to immediately think of the acronym, we bet that it started resonating in your mind as soon as you read the title. The score we find on IMDb is 8.4, certainly deserved. The cartoon has the advantage of taking us into the classic world of yellow with an exceptional detective, a high school fan of Sherlock Holmes who dreams of emulating his deeds. The first TV in Italy dates back to 2002 and the series is still ongoing, thus being made up of more than a thousand episodes: you never get tired of following the investigations of Detective Conan.

2) Dragon Ball

Worried you didn’t see him in the charts yet, huh? But it could only be on the podium! The events of Goku and his companions are now part of the history of television. We started following the protagonist as a child, only to find him as an adult again, observing his parents fights always holding my breath. Dragon Ball has the ability to involve the viewer in every scene, bringing stories of courage and sacrifice to the screen, alternating with very funny and grotesque moments. Goku, Junior, Vegeta and all the other characters have become almost like friends to the big fans of the anime. Movies, video games and merchandising did the rest. The score on IMDb is 8.5, really high. And yet, there is a Japanese cartoon broadcast on Italia Uno with an even higher value.

1) One Piece

one piece

The crew of Monkey D. Rufythe protagonist of One Piece that after having inadvertently ingested the Gom Gom devil fruit has become articulated and extendable just like a rubber, conquers the very first place in our ranking with a score of even 8.8. It was the November 5, 2001 when One Piece it was broadcast for the first time on Italia Uno: it never stopped from there. As in the case of Detective Conan, the series is still ongoing and has reached 1000 episodes (although since the 453rd episode they have been broadcast on Italia 2). The setting of One Piece it’s very peculiar, with this world almost entirely covered by oceans and a single long continent. Adventure, magical elements and well-characterized characters make up an irresistible mix that gives a One Piece the first position in the standings.

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