The global ranking of the 10 most watched TV series on Netflix right now

Welcome back to this new appointment with the column dedicated to global ranking of the 10 most watched TV series on Netflix!
November continues to advance and the Netflix streaming platform continues to give us (more or less pleasant) surprises. With the arrival of the new subscription, where the episodes of our favorite shows will be interspersed with commercials, it has been revealed that the catalog is quite different. In fact, this new subscription does not include the flagship television series of the streaming platform.

But now, no more talk, let’s see how the two rankings have changed in the last seven days (or if they have remained unchanged).

The New Global Top 10 (May 22 – 28)

As we have already mentioned in past articles, Netflix viewing will be based on the accumulated hours and no longer on the views given by the classic two minutes.
The rankings will therefore always be different week by week, distorting what viewers may think, taking television series that were thought to be successful off the podium. A change that will hopefully also take place on other existing streaming platforms.

But let’s see and analyze this week’s trend together.

Netflix (1024×424)
Netflix (1024×414)

We can see from the two tables above, compared to the previous weeks, how the Top 10 ranking has undergone significant variations between the various positions.
The huge success of Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story is not enough to keep the first position in the standings, with the fall in third position the primacy becomes the first season of FUBAR. Meanwhile XO, Kitty maintains second place at her debut.
As for the foreign ranking, we can see the first three positions covered respectively by Muted, Doctor Cha and The Good Bad Mother.

What do you think about it?
Which of these series have you seen or are you seeing right now?
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