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Let’s imagine what the 50th season of God Help Us might be like

Immaginiamo come potrebbe essere la 50esima stagione di Che Dio ci Aiuti

Who said only soap operas like Beautiful can they be eternal? If there is a skill that must be recognized in Mamma Rai, it is certainly that of being able to carry on for many seasons series with which we could stop well before. And if they can do it, so can we. So here we are catapulted into 2075: we turn on our hyper-technological TV, we ask the artificial intelligence we have at home to show us Rai 1 and we are ready for the final episode of the fiftieth season of our favorite series, which accompanies us from the now distant 2011: God help us. Explaining her origins to our grandchildren, how much she kept us company during the 2020 lockdown and above all who those were Sister Costanza and Sister Angela whose photos the convent is covered with, it wasn’t easy at all. But it was worth it. So let’s turn off the lights, sit on the sofa with our offspring’s offspring and a good dose of popcorn and enjoy the show.

God help us
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May God Help Us: The Fiftieth Season

Even during the 50th season of God help us, as in all the others, the protagonists have their ups and downs. It’s been years now Sister Azzurra is the mother superior of the Convent of the Guardian Angels of Assisi, but the experience she has accumulated behind her does not make the path any less complicated. Under her management, in fact, there are the activities of many people in whose lives Sister Azzurra – accompanied by a now much less inflexible and much funnier Sister Teresa – she keeps wanting to poke around. Not without making trouble from time to time, of course.

All’Angolo Divino there are two barmaids who have important ties with the mother superior and with the history of the Convent: they are Mary, Adele, the twin nieces of Nico and Monica, who shortly after the events of the sixth season of the series got married and had a son, Antonio. And just Antonio and his late wife are daughters Marika and Adele, both physically equal different in their way of acting and to live life. Marika is a girl with a rebellious soul, she has never backed down from anything and she has frequented companies that are not always recommendable, which has put her on several occasions in the wrong situations, bordering on the legality. Adele, on the other hand, has always had her head on her shoulders, but also a deep fear towards all that is unknown and new, which led her to always stay one step behind her sister and not to have accumulated many social and sentimental experiences. It was Antonio himself, to whom Nico and Monica have told thousands of times the stories lived with Sister Angela and company, who proposed the experience at the bar to their daughters, sure that an environment like that of the Convent – ​​always full of people but safe – could help both of her daughterseach in its own way.

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But what he hadn’t taken into consideration was the possibility that that environment could help him too, which instead happens: a widower for many years, Antonio meets Margherita, a woman a little younger than him who arrived in the convent with a complicated relationship behind her, during which she had been mistreated by her ex-partner now in prison. Margherita hopes that her experience in the convent can help her rediscover the lost but much desired serenity, and despite not having any intention of starting a new story with someone, she gets closer and closer to Antonio. The two begin to spend more and more time together, thanks to both of their passion for teaching which leads them to take care of an after-school program organized for children in difficulty. Side by side between an explanation of literature and a fractional equation, the two begin to understand that the things in common between them they go far beyond the activity carried out together, realizing that each was what the other needed. The penultimate episode ended with the news that Margherita’s parents are coming to Assisi to meet Antonio. Who will they be? Let’s hope familiar faces? And why should it be Erasmus and Guinevere now aged? If so, Margherita and Antonio would have another point in common, given the connections between their parents.

But that’s not all, of course.

In fact, the young Luca also hangs out in Assisi, twenty-year-old son of Elijah, an adult man who grew up after years away from his biological mother Sara and Emiliano. Luca is a good guy who found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time: due to a challenge proposed by a group of guys with whom he thought he was friends – but in reality they just wanted to make fun of him – he got a complaint for trespassing on private property while attempting to break into an apartment. From that moment on, his life has changed and his father no longer trusts him. The Convent should serve him to try to understand the difference between those who really love him and those who instead do nothing but put themselves – and put them – in dangerous situations, but obviously the presence of the twins more often than not distracts him from his reflections. Initially very close to Adele, with whom he has several points in common and snaps a kiss after a chat in the courtyard, Luca instead hates Marika, who did not hesitate to make fun of him at school.

Throughout the episodes, however, we see that things begin to change, and what began as a fierce dislike begins to become a more provocative but also sincere relationship: Luca and Marika find themselves locked in an elevator in the middle of a blackout and during the hours they spend together they open up and confide in each other. From that moment on Luca also sees a different part of Marika, the more sensitive one that he most often wants to hide, and he seems to begin to fall in love with her. In short, here curiosity eats us, who is the twin of which Luca is really in love?

In short, God help us heading towards the season finale.

God help us
God help us (640×360)

But, just as we expected, it does with a lot of questions that still need to be answered. Last, obviously not least, the one that concerns Sister Azzurra and Giacomo, that child who throughout the season has brought a breath of freshness within the walls of the Convent of the Guardian Angels, but some of which have not yet been clarified details of the past. Did his parents really die in a car accident, as loudly claimed by those who brought him there earlier in the season? Or could it be the son of Luisa, one of the protagonists of seasons 48 and 49, who should finally return from his trip as a volunteer in Cambodia? We don’t know how things are yet, but certainly Sister Azzurra will do everything to find out.

And how will we recover after yet another season finale? Ah, that’s why”God help us“!