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Will Fake Profile 2 be there? What do we know

Immagine Di Copertina Di Profilo Falso Credits Netflix

Will fake profile 2 be there?

What do we know about the future of Fake profile, the sentimental drama-thriller will return with the season 2? This is the question of Netflix subscribers who have just concluded the events that led the protagonists into a whirlwind of mystery and forbidden sex, respectively played by Caroline Miranda e Rodolfo Salas.

They are the protagonists at the center of this spicy drama series; maybe we will see them return the new episodes? At the moment it is still too early to say for sure. Netflix, in fact, has not yet finished analyzing the results obtained by first cycle of episodes available on the platform from Wednesday 31 May 2023. Only if the number of views is convincing then it is likely that the Netflix leaders will decide to renew the title for a second chapter. Otherwise, the TV series could end after only one cycle of episodes.

Until then, therefore, we just have to wait for the final response by crossing our fingers for the future of the title.

When Fake Profile 2 comes out

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In the event of an official renewal, we imagine seeing the return of Fake Profile 2 during 2024. To know an official date, therefore, we just have to wait for a communication from Netflix.

Previews on Fake Profile 2

What could season 2 be about Fake profile? The intriguing dynamics between Camilla and Rodolfo would start again. We would probably see Camilla grappling with new plans and new vendettas against the man she thought was her prince charming. Will Camilla have managed to ruin Rodolfo’s life at the end of the first season? The answer could come in a hypothetical second season.

Cast of False Profile 2, actors and characters

Waiting for more information on returning castwe recall below all the protagonists met during the first season.

  • Carolina Miranda: Camila Roman
  • Rodolfo Salas: Fernando Castell
  • Manuela Gonzalez: Angela Ferrer
  • Lincoln Palomeque: David Felipe Londoño
  • Mauricio Henao
  • Ivan Amozurrutia
  • Nicole Santamaria
  • Julian Cerati

Episodes of the second season of Fake Profile

In the event of an official renewal, we imagine the arrival of others 10 episodes 50 minutes each also for the second chapter of the sentimental drama-thriller created by Pablo Illanes and directed by Catalina Hernández and Klych Lópe.

Trailer of the second season of Fake Profile

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Having not yet been confirmed, much less filmed, of Fake profile second season there are no official clips. Waiting to discover them, here is the following official trailer of the first.

Fake Profile 2 streaming

In streaming, also the second possible season Fake profile would become available to stream exclusively on Netflix in all territories reached by the service.