Who is Arturo Sancho, Manuel the promise: age and private life

Manuel ne la Promessa

What do we know about Arturo Sanchointerpreter of Manuel it is The promise? If you are a passionate fan of the new style series Downton Abbey then you can’t not want to know curiosities and news about his beloved characters. In this case we are talking about an exceptional role, the one present in the main plot of the soap opera practically since the first episode.

Let’s just talk about Manuel, the youngest son of the Luján family. Unlike Tomas, the eldest, Manuel doesn’t care about the appearances and prestige of their name. The boy cares only about his greatest passion, aviation. He only discovers the importance of bonding after Jana arrives. Moreover, after the sudden death of Tomás everything will change forever.

Arturo Sancho interprets Manuel ne
Arturo Sancho plays Manuel ne “La Promessa” Credits: Mediaset

Arturo Sancho age

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Behind the intriguing Manuel we find the Spanish actor Artur Sancho, an interpreter known to television audiences above all for his role in The promise. Arturo was born in Bilbao, Spain in 1990therefore in 2023 he completes 33 years.

Arturo Sancho private life

From an early age he felt the desire to become an actor and began his career in television at the age of 20. In fact, in 2010, right at home, he participates in Big Brother 12, with the intention of making himself known. He entered the house with the surname García but his stay there did not last long. After years of disappointments, commitment and continuous training, Arturo today is a completely different person than the boy who participated in that reality show. He has earned a role in the Spanish theater and has taken part in some short films, such as Chained, Rhodium.

Arturo Sancho movies and TV series

Where we have already seen acting Arturo Sancho in the cinema and on television? As already mentioned above, his fame grew thanks to his participation in Big Brother 12 which allowed him to work in theater and television.
In the cinema he was part of the cast of “Chained” and “Rhodium” , both short films respectively by Patricia García and Santiago Varela and ResaCav.

Meanwhile, at the theater, he took part in productions such as “Wise Women”, “Blood Wedding”, “The root of the cry”, “Amores Chekhov” and “Spring Storm”.

Arturo Sancho girlfriend

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Not much is known about Arturo Sancho’s private life because the actor is very private. On social media, there are currently no photos that indicate whether or not he is engaged but, until 2018, he posted photos in the company of a girl, nere azcun, with which he kissed. Also, he has no children.

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