The Promise June 1, 2023 fourth episode advances

The Promise, fourth episode of the soap

Thursday 1 June the fourth episode of the channel will be broadcast on Canale 5 The promise, the Spanish soap that Mediaset launches in the summer of 2023 and which takes the place of Men women in the schedule of the flagship network of the Biscione. The programming of The promise – this is the original title – is scheduled from Monday to Friday (with the exception of 2 June) starting at 2.45 pm on Canale 5. Below are the previews of episode 4 broadcast on Thursday 1 June 2023 which closes the first week of programming.

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The Promise, advances on Thursday 1 June 2023

Pia scolds Jana for the way she polishes the floor and sends her to clean the chimneys. Lola would like to talk to Cruz about Tomas. Catalina is desperate and tells Cruz that she won’t come to her brother’s funeral. Candela and Simona have to cook for the funeral refreshments but Candela causes a disaster. Unexpectedly, Simona comes to her aid. Manuel continues to court Jana. The Baron is worried because he fears that Tomas’ murder will make the Lujans look bad and Cruz tells him that Catalina does not want to attend the funeral.

The Promise plot episode 4

The Baron will try to convince Catalina, but she will not succeed. Candela informs Pia that she will leave La Promessa after the funeral. The Dukes of Los Infantes will not come to the funeral. Sergeant Funes interrogates Jana in an attempt to find the person who killed Tomas. Mauro meets Leonor and Leonor kisses him again. Pia, although against her, sends Jana to the laundry to have her do a less heavy job. Few people attend the funeral ceremony. Alonso regrets this and Catalina’s absence.

How to see The Promise on Mediaset Infinity in streaming

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Where to see today’s episode of The promise streaming? It is available on Mediaset Infinity, a free Mediaset platform. To access you need to create an account. Personal data and other essential data are sufficient, which you can also provide through a social profile.

Today’s Promise

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Today’s episode of The promise will be broadcast on Thursday 1 June from 2.45 pm until around 4.00 pm, continuing the weekly appointment currently scheduled from Monday to Friday. The Spanish series joins the afternoon soaps that make up the schedule of daytime of Canale 5 as Beautiful, Terra Amara e Another Tomorrow. Just like the latter, too The promise it airs only from Monday to Friday, and is not broadcast on Saturdays and Sundays.

The Direct Promise

To pursue The promise you have to tune in to Canale 5 live from 2.45 pm, when – from Monday to Friday – the daily appointment with the Spanish soap is broadcast. Like all the programming broadcast on the Alfa networks, La Promessa is also available in streaming on Mediaset Infinity, the platform accessible on personal computers and Macs in a “browser” version and in “app” format downloadable from the app store for smartphones and tablets.

The Promise replies today

The bet of The promise today’s repeat is always uploaded on Mediaset Infinity, the streaming service previously known as Mediaset Play. The platform allows programs broadcast on Mediaset networks to be retrieved even after they have been broadcast, on demand, like a “rerun”. This is not an actual replica, but it feels like one.

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