Yilmaz Terra Amara actor: age, height, photo

Yilmaz Terra Amara actor

Who is Yılmaz from Bitter land? Let’s get to know the main character better Once Upon a Time in Çukurova, the soap aired starting last year on Canale 5 from Monday to Saturday in absolute premiere.

How old is Yilmaz of the Amara Land?

Ugur Gunes (Yilmaz) in una scena di
Ugur Günes (Yilmaz) in a scene from “Terra Amara”. Credits: Mediaset.

What is his age? How old is Yılmaz? Ugur Gunes was born in Ankara on November 10, 1987, so in 2023 he will turn 36 years old. At the start of the soap, Yılmaz and Zuleyha are approximately between 25 and 30 years old, although it is never explicitly clarified what their exact age is.

Yilmaz Akkaya

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Ugur Günes character’s full name is Yılmaz Akkaya. Akkaya, specifically, is the last name of the co-star of Once Upon a Time Çukurova.

Who marries Yilmaz?

Convinced that this is the best thing for everyone, the man decides to marry Dr. Müjgan (Melike İpek Yalova). Despite getting married to the latter, he can’t help but think of Zuleyha.

Although the public hopes to finally be able to witness the wedding between Zuleyha and Yılmaz, unfortunately this wedding will never take place in the course of the soap. The reason? Yılmaz tragically dies, leaving Zuleyha wracked with grief.

What is Yilmaz really called?

Ugur Günes in a scene from the soap.  Credits: Mediaset
Ugur Günes (Yilmaz) in a scene from “Terra Amara”. Credits: Mediaset.

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What is the real name of the actor who plays the protagonist of the Turkish soap? It is easy to say: his name is called Uğur Güneş.

Yilmaz of Bitter Land dies?

Unfortunately, the character dies as a result of injuries sustained in a dramatic car accident. Yılmaz succumbs while recovering at the hospital. Zuleyha witnesses the death of the man she has always loved and it seems that she will never be able to recover from that mourning.

Yilmaz of Terra Bitter age

Ugur Günes in a scene from the soap.  Credits: Mediaset
Ugur Günes (Yilmaz) in a scene from “Terra Amara”. Credits: Mediaset.

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How old is Yilmaz? The character, in the soap, should be between 25 and thirty years old. His interpreter, on the other hand, was born in 1987 and – therefore – in 2023 he will be 36 years old.

Yilmaz of Terra Bitter height

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How tall is it Yilmaz, ovvero Ugur Gunes? According to some information circulating on the web, the Turkish actor would be tall 1,81 meters, and would weigh 75 chili.

Terra Amara Yilmaz is Zuleyha

Da sinistra: Ugur Günes e Hilal Altinbilek (Züleyha) in una scena della soap.  Credits: Mediaset
Da sinistra: Ugur Günes (Yılmaz) e Hilal Altinbilek (Züleyha) in una scena di “Terra Amara”. Credits: Mediaset.

Züleyha and Yılmaz are the darlings of the soap, but unfortunately theirs is a love that will not have a happy ending. Their story is not destined to be crowned with a wedding: the desire to live a peaceful life together will remain, unfortunately for them, only a dream. During the episodes of the soap both will experience other loves, partly due to the complications of their journey. Despite all the hardships they face, Yılmaz and Zuleyha will never stop loving each other.

Yilmaz Terra Amara’s photo

Where can we find photos of the protagonist who has won the sympathy of the Italian public? His actor Ugur Günes is very active on social networks, especially on Instagram where he often shares shots of his private life, as well as showing some behind the scenes of the soap.

Yilmaz of Terra Amara Instagram

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To follow Ugur Günes on Meta’s social network, just follow his official profile at this link. The Turkish actor, to date, has almost 630 thousand follower.

Did Yilmaz of Bitter Land read the letter?

For those wishing to know if the protagonist of the soap has ever managed to read the famous letter, we suggest you delve into this plot in our advances. In fact, Yılmaz finds the letter from the woman he has always loved but struggles to read it because it is all ruined by the paint that – inadvertently – has been poured over it.

The letter contains a truth that is destined to have considerable ramifications in everyone’s lives: in fact, in that letter, Zuleyha reveals that little Adnan is in all respects the son of Yılmaz. After Nazire delivers the letter – ruined – to Yılmaz, the latter is unable to find out what he says and to learn what is written in it because it is now illegible due to the varnish.

Once again fate seems to be plotting against Zuleyha and her happiness, because the man she loves continues to ignore the truth about little Adnan.

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