Chiara Nasti, the cast of her belly covered in Swarosvki attracts criticism, but she replies like this

Chiara Nasti is known for her extravagant choices and the last of these has caused quite a few criticisms. Let’s see together what happened.

New controversy for Clare Nasti, the Neapolitan influencer known for some of her rather unusual and exaggerated choices. This time, he’s in the eye of the haters’ storm the cast of her baby bump entirely covered in Swarovski crystals.

Chiara Nasti, controversy over the cast of the baby bump in Swarovski: “Vulgar and rough”

About 5 days ago, born has published a video on her Instagram profile, in which a cast of her belly is seen in a display case, entirely covered in crystals Swarovski. Accompanying the video, the influencer thanked the atelier that made his dream come true, declaring himself enthusiastic about the result:

“My beautiful belly, finally. Marcella Loffredo Atelier, thank you for this show, you could not fail to make me happy. A magnificent memory of the most beautiful moment of my life…”

The influencer’s followers appeared less enthusiastic, at least, judging by the negative comments that overwhelmed the post by born: most of them defined “vulgar” the gesture and the result, while others lamented the excessive waste of money that will have resulted from this unusual tribute to the period of pregnancy. But to all criticisms, born he replied with a comment of his own:

“Such a beautiful thing. I was carrying my baby on my lap. What upsets you? The fact that it’s different from the classic cast that everyone makes? Wow, for a moment I forgot that we were in Italy, where everything new is looked down upon because maybe you don’t get there in the first place yourself.”

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