Al Pacino dad again at 83 beats the record of his friend and colleague Robert De Niro

Like his friend and colleague Robert De Niro, Al Pacino also decided to reproduce late in life. His young partner is expecting a child from him, the fourth for the 83-year-old actor.

After new father Robert De Niro at 79 years oldhis friend and colleague Al Pacino breaks the record: at 83 he is about to become a father again. His partner Noor Alfallahex of another elderly star, Mick Jagger, is in fact pregnant with her fourth child. The tabloids went wild when the news of this liaison that Americans call May-December came out, given that she is 29 years old, or 54 younger than the actor, who could be her grandfather to all intents and purposes (and is older than the father in law). But the heart is not in control, and if the opposite situation (a woman who is with a younger man, even slightly) is still viewed with suspicion or malice, in the end, rich and famous men are allowed everything, also because, unlike their mates, they often remain fertile until old age. If they once caused a sensation Pablo Picassofather at 68, o Charlie Chaplin, which had the last one at 73, today the threshold has definitely risen and the aids, including chemical aids, have multiplied. Sure, they are children who won’t have a father for that long, but with a young mother and with the necessary means to raise them. But let’s recap the women and children of Al Pacino, who beyond the gossip remains one of the greatest and most fascinating actors of world cinema.

Al Pacino: women and children

Al Pacino is a late dad, since he only had his first daughter in 1989, when he was already 49, by an acting teacher. In 2001 he had twins with the actress Beverly D’Angelo, which following a long and unpleasant legal battle, concluded in 2003, were entrusted to him. During his life, Pacino, a man of rare charm and charisma, had long, childless relationships with many other women, all or almost all colleagues: Jill Clayburgh, Tuesday Weld, Martha Keller, Carol Kane, Diane Keaton (interrupted and resumed several times, until the end of filming of The Godfather – part III), Penelope Ann Miller, Kathleen Quinlan, Lyndall Hobbs e Madonna they were at one point related to the actor. From 2008 to 2018 another long relationship: the one with the Argentine actress Lucila Polakwhile before knowing and starting dating Noor Alfallah, he was linked to the Israeli actress Meital Dohan. According to TMZ, Al Pacino’s fourth child or daughter will be born in less than a month. The actor’s current partner comes from a very wealthy family who has always been jet-setting and in addition to Mick Jagger (when she was 22 and the rock star was 74) she was linked to a “young” 61-year-old millionaire.

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