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Isola dei Famosi, Alessandro Cecchi Paone and Simone Antolini soon to be married: the announcement on Afternoon 5

Isola dei Famosi, Alessandro Cecchi Paone and Simone Antolini soon to be married: the announcement on Afternoon 5

Guests on Afternoon 5 by Barbara D’Urso, the two former castaways from the Isola dei Famosi, Alessandro Cecchi Paone and Simone Antolini, confirmed that they will soon get married. Let’s see the details together.

Alessandro Cecchi Paone e Simone Antolinithe former shipwrecked couple of this edition de The Island of the Famouson air Canale5 with the management of Ilary Blasi, has officially declared that he will get married. This was reiterated by the directly interested guests from Barbara D’Urso a Afternoon 5in the May 29 episode.

Isola dei Famosi, wedding on the way for Cecchi Paone and Antolini

As they had already declared to the weekly NuovoTvthe main reason that led them to this choice is the desire to give stability to little Melissathe 5-year-old daughter who Antolini he had from a previous relationship. Since for work reasons, the mother of her little girl is not able to see her often, Melissa spends a lot of time with her padre and his partner and Cecchi Paone stated that in seeing how much dedication Simone taking care of the little girl gave birth to the desire to protect her and give her all the affection she deserves. At the moment, they have revealed, they have not yet established a precise date, but it is their wish to be able to celebrate the civil union as soon as possible:

“You call me uncle, I would like to give you certainties, not only emotional but also economic and to do so we need to get married and in Italy the only possible union as a homosexual couple is the civil one.”

When the presenter asked them how many years of difference there was between the two (37 years), both said that they had never calculated this difference and that in heterosexual couples, often, these details are not given weight. Cecchi Paone he also added that from the first moment he had understood that in Simone there was something special:

“He looked for me and I already understood from Instagram that there was something different about this boy compared to the others: mature, with a child, he runs his own business in the Marche region. I could never say no to a boy who made me fall in love, only because there are some years apart. I asked him if I could marry him, but if something doesn’t change we’ll be forced to get married abroad.”

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