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Isola dei Famosi: Alessandro Cecchi Paone and Simone Antolini reveal if they have had intimate relationships as revealed by Noise

Isola dei Famosi: Alessandro Cecchi Paone and Simone Antolini reveal if they have had intimate relationships as revealed by Noise

Alessandro Cecchi Paone and Simone Antolini, guests of Afternoon 5, commented on the background of Paolo Noise during their adventure on the Isola dei Famosi.

Paul Noiseamong the former protagonists of the seventeenth edition of the Island of the Famousi, he revealed to the microphones of Radio 105 to have seen Cecchi Paone and Simone Antolini have intimate relationships during their adventure in Honduras, arousing the indignation of Christopher Leoni who apparently caught them in the act.

Isola 2023, Alessandro Cecchi Paone and Simone Antolini: “It was Christopher who came to look at us”

Guests a Afternoon 5, the two former castaways wanted to clarify the issue of the talk show Barbara D’Urso

“It was pure nocturnal ses**, but this thing was misused. So, first of all we weren’t in front of everyone but moved, we were on the other side of the beach at four in the morning. So the eyes weren’t indiscreet but discreet, i.e. they are come there to look at us. Christopher came to look at us”

Alexander and Simon they also reiterated that they wanted to get married and the desire to Cecchi Paone to adopt his partner’s daughter, Melissa.

“The adoption hypothesis arises from the fact that she has called me uncle since August, we have been together for fourteen months, since April 17, 2022. Today we realized that we have entered the 17th month. She calls me uncle, I wish I could give emotional certainties – I already give them these, the father will be able to confirm this – but if he also wants financial, school and work certainties.” “To do all this, however, we need to get married. So the idea is, immediately, the civil union as soon as possible, which is the only thing we can do in Italy as two males. How many years apart are we? 37, I’m 61 and he’s 23. Needless to deny, you Barbara are a dear friend of ours and you know, but I know that many people are a little shocked when faced with this difference. Well, first of all, I’ve never heard anyone shocked when the difference is between a man and a woman. So there’s always suspicion, in my opinion , a bit of homophobia.” “But the point of view is another: he looked for me, I understood from Instagram that he was a boy unlike any other. Then I discovered him, mature, with a little girl, he manages an important agricultural company in the Marche region. In short, he is older than his age of him. But then I said, “Can I ever say no to a guy who made me fall in love just because he’s younger?In my opinion it would have been a very wrong thing, for me and for him. We tried…it works. I told him I want to marry him. Which then in Italy is strange to say “I want to join a civil union“. But I also want to marry him because the day we get married – and unfortunately, if you don’t give us a hand, we’ll have to do it abroad and I’m so sorry because I love Italy very much – I could have the right there, if he decides and his mother agreed, to adopt Melissa. Because in Italy if you only join a civil union you have no right to adopt.”

Also Simone spoke on the matter:

Above all, I am for equal marriage because I believe it is a right that must be recognized. We are neither in Serie A nor in Serie B. (… ) Initially, like my family, the child’s mother didn’t take it well. In the sense that I hadn’t told her so she learned with the news. Later she understood that while she was in Romania, in a month when I had Melissa, Alessandro invited me to her house in Positano and I went with my daughter. We spent the summer together and the little girl was very serene. About adoption maybe she is not ready or prepared. She is currently working, she takes care of her four times a month so little, the baby stays with us and with my family when I’m not there. And she lives this very well.

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