Big Brother Vip, Oriana Marzoli replies to the words of Daniele Dal Moro: “I will not enter this disgusting game”

Oriana Marzoli’s harsh comment: there doesn’t seem to be a happy ending for Oriele at all. Although Daniele Dal Moro seemed to have opened a door and a hope, the Venezuelan exposed herself harshly against the ex gieffino.

Despite Daniele Dal Moro seemed to have opened up hope for a possible reconciliation with Orianathe Venezuelan, after a few hours, she exposed herself hard against the former Venetian tronista, among the protagonists of the seventh edition of Gf Vipin reality shows in which he met Marzoli and with whom he seemed to have started a deep bond.

“Because I’m a real WOMAN, she won’t get into this crap game. All our friends we have in common know the truth, the ones we hang out with, who have lived it all live. And I can tell, even one person knows it which isn’t a friend how things really turned out. So, play by yourself.”

The truths of which he speaks are not known Oriana and it is not clear the reference that the former gieffina makes to people who obviously know other important background on the story. The gossip expert, Alexander Rosicaon Twitter, wrote: “Is the story between Oriana and Daniele over? Will they try again? Dunno, I’m just doing my alo… I certainly don’t want to see Oriana in those conditions anymore. She was terrible”

“Guys, it’s true that we’ve had many discussions, but there are many things that are worthwhile. If the feeling is there and in short… if some of you think that there was no real feeling between me and Oriana, at least I’m speaking for myself… I say okay, everyone is free to think what they want. But in any case, I guarantee you that I wouldn’t do even 1/4 of what I did with Oriana for a person who doesn’t give a damn. I hope things settle down and I hope better times come for me too. I really hope things settle down and we’ll see.” he wrote Dal Moro.

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