Un Posto al Sole, previews 29 July 2022

A place in the sun today’s episode

What to expect from next episode Of A Place in the Sun in onda Tuesday 30 maggio 2023? continues the week of programming of the Italian soap opera broadcast on Rai 3 from 29 May to 1 June 2023 with bets 62066207, 6208, 6209. However, the fifth appointment is missing, given that Friday 2 June 2023 A Place in the Sun it is not broadcast on Rai 3.

What to expect from the previews of the new episodes? Find out with the detailed previews of the bet 6207 premiered at the new time of ore 20:50 circa.

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Previews Un Posto al Sole of 30 May 2023

In the next installment of A Place in the Sun in onda Tuesday 30 May 2023 we find out that Ida (Marta Anna Borucinska) arrived at Palazzo Palladini, thus forcing Lara (Chiara Conti) to enormous efforts not to be discovered by Roberto (Riccardo Polizzy Carbonelli). Meanwhile the cruise of Guido (Germano Bellavia) e Mariella (Antonella Prisco) proceeds well, at least until new misunderstandings break out between Guido and Massaro (Francesco Procopio). Later Manuela (Gina Amarante), still sorry from her last meeting with Niko (Luca Turco), finds herself pleasantly surprised to see again costable (Antonio Fiore), the charming brother of Hope (Mariasole DiMaio).

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