Super Mario Bros – The film, record in Japan but not too much

That Super Mario Bros. – The film recorded very high receipts in Japan was largely predictable (if only for parochialism!), but what numbers are we talking about? There is a record, but what exactly does it consist of?

It is certainly no surprise to read in Variety that Super Mario Bros. – The Movie has registered a box office record in Japanwhere it was released at the end of April, several weeks after its diffusion in the rest of the world: la Nintendo it is a national pride, as well as its leading character, however it is interesting to note that we are talking about records, but limited… parochial up to a certain point.
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Super Mario Bros – The film, box office record in Japan

Con 10 billion yen cashed as of May 28, equivalent to $71 million, Super Mario Bros. – The Movie has become the highest-grossing non-Japanese animated film in Japan. A circumscribed and curious record, because if technically in fact the cartoon is americano (Illumination / Universal), made by French craftsmen, the brand belongs to the Japanese Nintendowho took care of the co-production, with the Shigeru Miyamoto Mario’s dad on the front line.
However, not even the current $1,278,800,000 raised by Super Mario Bros. – The Movie around the world can affect the nation’s proud connection to the art ofanime: il absolute record for an animated feature film at the Japanese box office remains firmly in the hands of Demon Slayer – The Mugen train, which in 2020 (in the midst of the pandemic!) grossed 40,400,000,000 yen (288 million dollars). Even in the last few months Avatar: The Way of Water was defeated in Japan by the addictive The First Slam Dunk ($103,550,000 domestically only).
In short, Super Mario has to “settle” in Japan for a… relative record.

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