Six sisters, previews week 22-26 May 2023

Six sisters 5-9 June 2023, previews

Six sisters 5-9 June 2023: what happens in the new episodes of the Spanish soap? The appointment is at 16:05 on the first Rai channel or on RaiPlay in streaming, from Monday 8 May 2023 with unpublished episodes, except for changes in the schedule.

Ecco the weekly previews of Six sisters June 5-9, 2023 2023.

From left: Mariona Tena (Blanca Silva Torrealba) and Rosalía Manzano (Vicky Peña) in a scene from episode 61 of
From left: Mariona Tena (Blanca Silva Torrealba) and Rosalía Manzano (Vicky Peña) in a scene from episode 61 of “Six Sisters”. Credits: Rai

Six sisters episode Monday 5 June 2023

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In the next episodes of the soap we witness the arrival of a mysterious woman at the door of the Silva sisters. Who is it about? We find out who that woman is Joseph (Mariana Cordero), the mother of Petra (Carlota Olcina). later Diana (Marta Larralde) informs the workers of the long-awaited and feared decision: the factory will be closed permanently. Meanwhile, the remorse of Adela (Celia Freijeiro) after kissing German (Oriol Tarrason); was it really a mistake?

Six sisters episode Tuesday 6 June 2023

Tessuti Silva is officially closed. This is the only possible choice for the Silva sisters, that of selling the factory to Don Ricardo to guarantee themselves a dignified future together. In the meantime Salvador (Álex Adrover) discovers the truth about his past, scolding Diana for always lying to him. Immediately afterwards Salvador leaves the Silva house.

Six sisters episode Wednesday 7 June 2023

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The call to arms comes like a bolt from the blue Rodolfo (Fernando Andina). The boy, therefore, asks to rush to Blanca (Mariona Tena) to anticipate their wedding. In fact, he is expected to leave immediately with the Spanish troops in Morocco. Later German, taking advantage of the absence of Carolina (Alejandra Lorente), asks Adela to spend an afternoon together in the countryside, alone. Meanwhile Don Ricardo begins to take control of the factory, thus applying his rules.

Six sisters episode Thursday 8 June 2023

Donna Dolores (Kiti Mánver) is heartbroken, and only wishes that Rodolfo would not go to war in Morocco. For this, she asks Blanca to help her stop the boy. Meanwhile Elisa (Carla Diaz) changes her mind and finally really accepts the marriage proposal of Elisa (Carla Díaz). In reality, the girl has come to know that the man is about to inherit a fortune from a distant uncle…

Six sisters episode Friday 9 June 2023

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Later Blanca begs Rodolfo not to go to war, but the boy has already made up his mind. In the meantime Adela try in every way to end his relationship with German. What worries her most of all, in fact, are the consequences that could arise.

Later the Silva sisters get together to decide together how to make public a news as painful as it is disconcerting for everyone: the death of their father.

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