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Men and Women, Aurora Tropea on Nicole Santinelli’s side after breaking up with Carlo Mancini

Men and Women, Aurora Tropea on Nicole Santinelli's side after breaking up with Carlo Mancini

The lady of the throne over Men and Women, Aurora Tropea, showed her support for the tronista Nicole Santinelli after breaking up with Carlo Mancini. Here’s what happened.

The breakup of the last couple to have left Men and womenthe one formed by the tronista Nicole Santinelli and by his choice, Carlo Alberto Mancini, keep talking. Now, in support of the young Roman, a lady from the throne over: Aurora Tropea.

Men and Women, Aurora Tropea in support of Nicole Santinelli after the end of her story with Carlo Mancini

For those who perhaps don’t remember, Tropea he had already shown that he had esteem and affection for the tronista of the dating show Canale5given that during one of the last episodes of the program hosted by Maria De Filippi own Nicole had revealed that the lady of the throne over had sent her a gift to her dressing room and, moreover, on several occasions, had been Tropea to support the tronista against the rival Roberta Di Padua.

On Saturday 27 May, the couple formed by Nicole e Carlo he had decided to leave and communicated it, with a long direct Instagram had been the former suitor, first of all urging the fans not to attack Nicole, who had decided to end the relationship, because the girl had been honest and true with him. Numerous criticisms from people close to the tronista, such as cousin Marco, who personally intervened to reprimand Mancini of the decisions to flaunt the breakup to the rooftops, after not even a few hours. Equally harsh is the comment of one of the former suitors of NicoleCristian Di Carlo, who lashed out harshly against Mancini, due to the strong immaturity shown. Until yesterday, no comments from Nicolewho then surprisingly published a long audio on Instagram, in which, among other things, she admitted to being disappointed by the behavior of Carlobecause he hoped that the announcement of the breakup could be given by both by mutual agreement.

The reserved attitude of Nicole has been much criticized by Roberta Di Paduaits rival for the attention of Andrew Foriglio in the dating show, but also from Raffaella Mennoiaone of the authors of the program.

But, in addition to the criticisms, there is also someone who has taken the side of the tronista, like the lady of the throne over Aurora Tropeawho has decided to have his say on the matter. Aurora posted a long story on his Instagram profile, in which he said:

“I’m answering you because you’re asking so many questions. I’ll keep putting my face on Nicole, because she’s a sensitive and very sweet girl. She did well, better now than later. She tried, that great feeling that Carlo surely had more. I’m sorry because I was fond of both boys. I find them both very nice and sweet boys, but that doesn’t mean that she was a fake and was there for the exposure. Nicole doesn’t need exposure, Nicole is a clean, transparent girl, she has her job, she loves animals, she has her own life: she is a very private person, therefore, I don’t agree with Roberta. I will never agree with her, but not because of the low esteem I have for that woman But precisely because it is she who needs visibility and certainly not Nicole. So Nicole, long live the wolf, you tried, patience.”

The tronista has re-shared the words of Aurorathanking her with affection:

“My darling, I keep saying that there should be more intelligent, pure and good people like you…Thank you again for everything you do for me! I love you so much.”

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