How it ends Living is not child’s play: sneak peeks

How does it end Living is not child’s play?

How does the first season of Living is not child’s play on Rai 1? It concludes Monday 29 May 2023 world premiere of the first chapter of the dramatic TV series based on the novel “The Circle of Truth” by Fabio Bonifacci.

Directed by Roland Ravelloand the production of Rai Fiction and Picomedia, Living is not child’s play it aired in the course of three early evenings making us passionate about the story of Lele – played by Riccardo De Rinaldis – eighteen year old grappling with a profound personal crisis. In fact, surrounded by insecurities, discos and drugs, the boy ends up turning his entire existence upside down.

It all begins when a gesture perceived as innocent by many kids, namely that of passing a pill to a friend, ends up putting an end to a young life, thus starting a long and profound drama that ends up involving everyone, kids and adults.

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The season finale, in fact, will lead all the characters to come to terms with themselves, or to continue to flee. Growing up, after all, is always difficult for everyone.

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Matilde Benedusi, Luca Geminiani and Pietro De Nova in one scene yes
Matilde Benedusi, Luca Geminiani and Pietro De Nova in a scene from “Living Is Not A Child’s Game” Credits: Giulia Bertini/Rai

Previews Living is not a final child’s play

Monday, May 29, 2023 we witness the third and last appointment Of Living is not child’s play, consisting of episodes 5 and 6 of the first season. Here we find Lele stuck at a crossroads.

In fact, the boy is now convinced that it is only a matter of time before the police show up at his house. The drug dealer who sold him the drugs has, in fact, been arrested, and he will surely be next.

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At that point Lele, for the love of Serena, he decides to face his responsibilities thus discovering the end of the ambiguous policeman who investigates him. But love for Serena has a new, unpredictable obstacle, and the threat of criminals becomes a real threat of death. Will Lele eventually be able to save himself?

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