This Is Us: Time after the finale, the cast enjoyed a mini-reunion

Duration six seasons and over 100 episodes, the television series This Is Us it became an instant success thanks to the attention paid to the life of a small family, in particular of the three brothers Pearson.
After receiving significant critical acclaim, the NBC television series (which aired during its stint on Sky and streaming platform Now Tv) concluded on May 24, 2022, with the brothers finding a wrap and vowing to to be together after the disappearance of Rebeccaplayed by Mandy Moore.

A new Instagram post from Mandy Moore shows that some of the cast are back together for what appears to be a small reunion

At the meeting see at Moorewhich he interpreted Rebecca Pearsonwith Chrissy Metz (Kate Pearson) e Susan Kelechi Watson (Beth Clarke Pearson).
It doesn’t appear to be an official event, but interestingly it comes to coincide with the first anniversary of the end of This Is Us.

The revival of This Is Us it’s still too early to consider, but that doesn’t mean the television series can never have a new cycle. The show enjoyed huge critical acclaim which garnered it numerous awards. Though the final season was snubbed at the Emmy Awards, it still earned a staggering 94% critics’ votes on Rotten Tomatoes and a staggering 79% audience votes.

Despite hopes of a possible continuation, This Is Us doesn’t really need a revival, since the television series ended on a satisfying note. With the death of Rebecca and its reunion with Jack (Milo Ventimiglia), it comes full circle to reintroduce how much the woman has always loved her husband, regardless of the time that has passed since their last meeting.
This also allows the boys Pearson to mourn the loss, giving them the chance to move on as the audience learns to move on from This Is Us.

There is no perfect path for the sequel either.
Although a sequel may focus on the children of Kate, it’s not entirely necessary, as the woman’s journey has already played out in depth. If the television series ever returns to the small screen, it will only hinder the effect of its ending. This Is Us he had a fulfilling and emotional conclusion, and he doesn’t need more than he has.

This Is Us is not tragedy. It’s just life

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