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The Promise Advances May 29, 2023, First Episode: Marriage with murder. The La Promessa estate is stained with blood

The Promise Advances May 29, 2023, First Episode: Marriage with murder.  The La Promessa estate is stained with blood

Let’s see together what the Advances of the first episode of La Promessa aired on May 29, 2023 on Canale reveal. The Plots of the episode of the new Soap reveal to us that there will be a murder at the Promise estate. Who killed the rich Tomas?

From tomorrow, Monday 29 May 2023, appointment con The promisethe new soap on air Canale5 starting from ore 14.45. Let’s find out together Previews of the first episodewhich opens the dance and takes us to Spain in 1913. Theepisode will open with a fugue. The maid Dolores is running away with her two children. The men on horseback chasing her they kill her e they take away her newborn baby. Marianathe his eldest, hides e the pursuers think That the little girl is dead. Years go by and with a time jump we arrive in keeping the promise, managed by the Lujan family. Tomasil eldest son of the Marquis Don Alonso, he is getting married. His brother Manuelto surprise him, shows up flying over the house his but the plane begins to failcausing him a serious accident. Luckily, in those parts, is passing the young Janaor rather Mariana – That saves his life is that, for reward, she gets hired as a permanent maid. The girl she is certain That at the Lujan estate he will find the answers he seeks on the death of his mother It is on kidnapping of his little brother.

Previews The Promise: A tragic escape

The first episode of The promise opens with a tragic escape. The maid Dolores is running away by some men chasing her on horseback. The woman she has her two children with her, Mariana and a small newbornclose to her. The poor thing is overtaken and killed while the her baby is taken away. L’the only one to be saved is Mariana who, hiding, makes the pursuers believe that she is dead and that she is no longer their problem. But who are the thugs who killed poor Dolores? Mariana will dedicate her life to find out.

The Promise Advances: Mariana saves Manuel Lujan

With a time jump of fifteen yearswe find ourselves in the Spain of 1913precisely at the La Promessa estateOf owned by the wealthy Lujan family. And the Tomas’ wedding day, the eldest son of Don Alonso, the head of the family. There happiness of the moment will be spoiled give one plane crash. Manuelil half-brother of Tomasflies over the estate in his biplane but an engine failure transforms his spin into one tragedy. The boy crashes to the ground but luckily for him, Jana – the Mariana we have already talked about – rushes to rescue him, saving him from certain death. The girl is arrived at La Promessa sure that right there you will find the answers you are looking for on the death of his mother. As a reward for the heroic deed just performed, Jana asks to be hired come full time housekeeper. The young she is very happy that she had the right opportunity to get in touch with the family and Tomas immediately inspires her confidence.

Plots and Previews The Promise: Tomas is murdered

Jana confides almost immediately with Thomas. The young man is a good-hearted boy, fond of his family and privy to some burning secrets. Lujan he confesses to the newcomer Of know who killed his mother ma he asks her to wait for the next day to get an answer from him. To insure them that he will come back to talk to her and that he is not deceiving herTomas he gives Jana his wedding ring as collateral. The same evening the heir of La Promessa he goes to talk to Cruzthe her stepmothere accuses her of being Dolores’ killer. In a moment of anger and fear that her life will be destroyed, the Don Alonso’s wife murders her stepson with a letter opener. From here the real story of the Soap will beginmade up of intrigues, betrayals, lies and loves, which will see Jana fight to find the truth she has always been looking for.

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The promise va broadcast from Monday to Friday at ore 14.45 are Canale5.