The Adventures of Errol Flynn, the review: an adventurous but sterile biopic

The review of The Adventures of Errol Flynn, a biographical film on the figure of the legendary actor, one of the first action heroes of Hollywood adventurous cinema. Available on Sky and NOW.

The Adventures of Errol Flynn, the review: an adventurous but sterile biopic

The original title In Like Flynn derives from a common saying overseas and inspired precisely by the aforementioned actor, Errol Flynn, not only fascinating and charismatic but also a real womanizer, so much so that he also enters the common jargon with this expression.

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The Adventures of Errol Flynn: A Picture

As we tell you in the review of The Adventures of Errol Flynnwe are faced with an atypical biopic, which immediately plays between reality and fiction, further overshadowing the life of an interpreter with legend of its own kindrightly considered among the first “action hero” of the history of the seventh art. Memorable are his pirate films, where he played either brave captains or bold brigands of the sea, or even his Robin Hood, still considered among the best representations of the iconic Sherwood archer. A life full of events and works that have left their mark and therefore the choice of this operation dedicated to him is hardly understandable, which tells a sort of daring adventure that Flynn would have actually lived before his landing on the big screen.

One, none, one hundred thousand

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The Adventures of Errol Flynn: A scene from the film

Flynn is said to have actually worked dozens of trades in his youth, from farmer to journalist to boxer to gold prospector and many more. The Adventures of Errol Flynn focuses, as can be guessed, on the adventurer phase: after coming into possession of a map, the protagonist becomes convinced of how the coordinates will lead him to the discovery of immense riches in Papua New Guinea and decides to embark on a a desperate journey. In fact, he manages to convince three men to accompany him in this mad enterprise, which however turns out to be much more insidious and complicated than expected. During the journey at sea aboard a small boat stolen from the Chinese mafia, with sharks and weather conditions among the many dangers to face, the unprecedented quartet will have to face a series of increasingly difficult challenges, unaware that the boat on which traveling hides a large amount of opium and that the rightful owners are ready to do anything to recover the stolen goods.

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Before it all began

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The Adventures of Errol Flynn: A scene from the film

The short jungle-set prologue feels sort of Indiana Jones, with our being caught on camera as he faces all kinds of traps, saves people at the last minute and finds himself on the run from warring indigenous tribes. Already here we understand the light-hearted style of the film, which will also have repercussions on the subsequent playing time, in an attempt to bring to mind the light atmospheres of the titles interpreted by Flynn in the Golden Age di Hollywood. However, the result is not the one hoped for, since the sequence of events soon loses its edge: nothing really interesting and/or engaging happens and the ups and downs of the group of protagonists are more sterile and gratuitous than pleasantly silly, lacking tension and suspense theme. There is no passion for the fate of those who are currently on stage, a lack of appeal that deprives the whole of a climax and epic theme.

A missed opportunity

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The Adventures of Errol Flynn: A Sequence from the Film

The biographical component is always and in any case a slave to this playful approach, more unrealistic than entertaining, with a continuous recourse to the clichés that saw Flynn in the role of troublemaker and Latin lover at any cost. Here he is therefore involved in frequent brawls or boxing matches against opponents much bigger than him, an undaunted seducer grappling with fascinating conquests, the perfect hero for every situation and with a smile always on his face.
Thomas Cocquerel he doesn’t have the charisma necessary to do justice to the character and the rest of the cast is equally anonymous, thus removing further interest from a technically decent production – the care in displaying the landscapes and the management of the action dynamics are of decent workmanship – but what a sin of head and heart.


A risky and atypical choice – in retrospect wrong – that of The Adventures of Errol Flynn, which tells us about a phase in the life of the popular actor shortly before his success on the big screen. A legendary figure of Hollywood’s golden age, loved above all for his adventurous roles, who here lives again in a biopic that tries to pay homage to him with a very precise choice in the name of lightness, however lacking in emotion and substance. In fact, in the hour and a half of vision we witness a sequence of uninteresting events, with ours engaged in an improbable mission in search of gold, finding himself facing sharks and femme fatales, gigantic boxers and corrupt men. An uninspired sequel, the daughter of sterile entertainment that does not honor the iconic star.

Because we like it

  • Technically appreciable.

What’s wrong

  • A vacuous and sterile entertainment, which would like to pay homage to Errol Flynn’s light-hearted style but misses the target.
  • The story is devoid of flashes and emotions, also thanks to a little in part cast.

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