Six Sisters Preview May 29, 2023: Celia helps Petra find her mother!

Let’s see the Advances of the episode of Six Sisters aired on May 29, 2023 on Rai1. The Plots of the Soap episode reveal that Petra will ask Celia to help her with her mother while Adela will confess to Diana that she confided their secrets to Mauro.

In the bet Of Six Sisters broadcast on 29 maggio 2023at ore 16.05 are Rai1, Petra will ask Celia Of help her to shed light on a very particular mystery of his life. The Advances dell’Soap episode ci they reveal That the worker will ask Silva Of give you a hand a read the letters sent by his mother. Then she will goad her father so that the man explains to her once and for all, the reason for abandoning her. Meanwhile at home Silva will knock il cousin of Merceditasfled the country to avoid drafting. Adela Instead he will confess to Diana Of have revealed to Mauro of the their financial problems e Donna Dolores will succeed a meet Marinaas he wished.

Celia will help Petra find her mother: Six Sisters Previews

Petra has decided Of break off her engagement to Miguel and finds himself managing a rather tangled situation with his father Benjamin, still recovering from the epidemic. The worker he discovered the truth about his mother and has now his letters in handsent by the woman, after she is gone. Petra will ask Celia for help reading them e Silva will promise to give her a hand Also to find her. But before, Benjamin will be put under pressure. He’ll have to explain why she kept such news under wraps.

Preview Six Sisters: Merceditas receives a visit from his cousin

At Silva’s home, tension is skyrocketing because of Francisca he was born in his secret now revealed. Blanca is furious with her and he would like his sister to forget the Ambigù forever. The singer will not agree with her at all and will do everything not to give up on her dreams. Meanwhile at the door of the large villa of the six sisters, Raimundo will knockil cousin of Merceditas. The boy is fled the country to avoid going to war e he will ask the maid to give him asylum, not to be found. But helping a deserter could cause new trouble for Adela’s family.

Six Sisters Advances: Donna Dolores meets Marina

Adela confessed to Mauro the truth about her familyalthough it had promised Blanca not to say anything. the silva he will confide what he just did to Dianaeager to have a support from one of her sisters and then she will take aanother very important decision for the his future. Meanwhile Donna Dolores will be able to meet Marina, as he wanted. The meeting them will have a unexpected result.

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Six Sisters it’s going to happen from Monday to Friday at ore 16.05 are Rai1.

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