Men and Women, Roberta di Padua’s comment on the end of the story between Nicole Santinelli and Carlo Alberto Mancini

The lady of Cassino of the throne over Men and Women did not miss the opportunity to comment on the end of the relationship between Nicole Santinelli and Alberto Carlo Mancini.

Also this year, the throne over of Men and Women has inflamed the study of the dating show with the story of the seniors who have become the protagonists of heated clashes of all kinds. And so, between the attacks of Aurora against Armando Incarnatoalso often criticized by Riccardo Guarnieri, the furious outbursts dthe Tina Cipollari in the against Elio Servowe have often witnessed a heated rivalry between Roberta of Padua and the tronista Nicole Santinelli.

Men and women, Roberta di Padua takes her revenge on Nicole Santinelli

Rags have flown between the two faces of the dating show on several occasions. The lady of Cassino accused Nicole not to be sincere and not to convey any emotions. From her side, too Nicole ha has certainly not addressed Roberta with flattering words, such as when he described her as “a woman for one night only”. After the announcement of end of the story between Santinelli and Carlo Alberto Mancini, Roberta seems to have been contacted by many, perhaps to encourage you to comment. The lady of Cassino shared an Ig story immortalizing two glasses of wine and the inscription: “I’m reading you, I love you.”

It would seem that that of Roberta is, in fact, a small revenge against the young Roman. Many users have commented that in the light of what happened, the lady of the throne over had in fact always been right not to believe in the veracity of her feelings.

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