Men and women, Nicole Santinelli’s cousin in Carlo Mancini’s live broadcast lashes out at him: “You were wrong!”

Yesterday, Saturday 27 May, Carlo Alberto Mancini, a former suitor of Men and Women, revealed with a direct Instagram that he and the tronista Nicole Santinelli broke up. Nicole Santinelli’s cousin intervened during his announcement. Here’s what he said.

Yesterday, Saturday 27 May, the story of the last couple of Men and women to leave the program of Canale5 conducted by Maria De Filippi: that formed by Carlo Alberto Mancini and from the tronista Nicole Santinelli. The announcement was made by the former suitor with a live Instagram that aroused quite a few controversies.

Men and women, Nicole Santinelli’s cousin also comments on Carlo Mancini’s live coverage

Carlo Alberto Mancini it was the choice of Nicole Santinelli, who decided to leave the dating show together in the last episode of this season. The couple appeared in various interviews and also together with Verissimo, where it seemed that everything was going well, but unfortunately that did not happen and yesterday their story officially foundered. At the moment, no statements were made by Nicolewhile the live coverage of Charles Albert.

The former suitor, in fact, has decided to tell his followers – “those who supported me and believed in this story” as stated – the reasons behind the break: apparently, the tronista would have realized that Carlo was not the man of her life and the distance between the two, who live in different cities, also seems to have influenced this decision. During the live broadcast, while many fans consoled the suitor, visibly tried by the situation, but who, despite everything, continued to defend Nicole and declared how special a woman she was, something strange happened. In fact, during the live Carlo he accepted that a person, a man named Marco, who many had difficulty recognizing, entered Instagram during the live broadcast to talk to him: it was Nicole’s cousinwith whom the suitor, in the short time he was engaged to her, made a good friendship.

Marcohowever, did not go live to console Carlobut to reproach him: according to him, in fact, the choice to communicate to the world of social networks the end of a story, which took place a few hours earlier, it was not a right choicealso because it risked attracting negative comments and a real one shitstorm are Nicole:

“Someone who’s sick, the first thing he does is a live broadcast on social media? Carlo, come on! I love you, you know, and that’s exactly why I have to tell you. You were wrong! Someone who’s sick sits down for a moment, you take a glass of water, calm down for a moment. Immediately a live broadcast on social networks?”

The discussion between the two lasted for quite a while, with Carlo who justified himself by saying that the choice to go live was to personally communicate the decision of the end of the story to him and don’t attack Nicoleas he had no faults, but Marco he seemed to have a completely different opinion, so much so that he continued to reiterate his perplexity in the face of this gesture.

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