Men and Women, Nicole Santinelli overwhelmed by criticism after the immediate end with Carlo Alberto, Mennoia also attacked

In the last few hours, Nicole Santinelli’s Instagram profile has been inundated with criticism relating to her sincerity on the path in the Men and Women dating show. Attacks also on one of the historical authors of the program, Raffella Mennoia

After theannouncement by Carlo Alberto Mancini of the premature end of the story with Nicole Santinelli a few days after the choice was made a Men and women, Nicole Santinelli has been overwhelmed by criticism.

Men and Women, Nicole Santinelli overwhelmed by criticism after the announcement of Carlo Alberto Mancini. She also accuses Raffaella Mennoia for choosing the tronisti

In fact, many users have commented on his Instagram profile about his journey on the dating show, accusing her of pretending and making fun of viewers. Criticisms also to one of the historical authors of the programme, Raffella Mennoia, following the disastrous endings of the classic throne in the second half of the season. A few days ago, in fact, too Luca Daffr√® communicated the end of the frequentation with Alessandra Somensi and the two choices were broadcast in the last week of the program’s broadcast

“Roberta was right, you are as fake as the Monopoly cards” can be read on the Instagram profile of Nicole, “Congratulations for the duration of the story, my goodness how fake you are” “You are fake you made fun of everyone, no one had believed your choice”. Below a comment by Raffaella Mennoia, author of the dating show wrote “Raffaella, did you know that it’s already over with Carlo? Choose people looking for love, not visibility” it’s still “instead of taking recommended, take normal people”, “Changing jobs is better. You combine one flop after another by dint of enthroning recommended by agencies. But do you realize the drift that the classic throne is taking?”

The former tronista has not yet released statements relating to the words of Charles Albert and at the premature end of their acquaintance. Also for this reason, the young Roman woman was harshly criticized and accused of being a cold and calculating woman.

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