Men and Women, Nicole Santinelli breaks the silence: “I’m sorry for those who believed in us. Andrea? What I felt ..”

The former tronista, on social media, has decided to comment on Carlo Alberto Mancini’s announcement about the end of their dating.

Yesterday, during a live Instagram, the former suitor Carlo Alberto Mancini announced in tears the end of the short story with Nicole Santinellithe young Roman with whom he left the dating show together Men and women.

Nicole posted an audio without an image on his Instagram profile, in which he said:

“Hello everyone, with great regret I find myself forced, going against my times, to make this press release. Honestly yesterday, after such a difficult moment for me, not even after 30 minutes of parting, I didn’t feel like expressing everything to you. Rather, given the good faith with which we parted, I would have expected by mutual agreement to give you the news together or at least the time to metabolize my disappointment. Even if it was I who made this decision, the I did for both. The way I experience love no one should ever change their essence for someone else. My choice comes from the particular emotions I felt at that moment, but once we get out of that program together living it day after day i realized i realized reluctantly that we live and see love.

The former tronista also spoke of Andrew Foriglio:

“I’m sorry for all the people who believed in us, but it wouldn’t have been right to continue a story without a future. And speaking of the future, many of you are asking me how Andrea will end up between me, what I felt and thought about with him I can’t deny it in the program. I thank all the people who, instead of attacking me, tried to understand what was happening or what happened”

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