Men and women, former suitor of Nicole Santinelli comments sarcastically on the video of Carlo Alberto Mancini

Cristian di Carlo, former suitor of Nicole Santinelli and the dig on social media after the video of Carlo Alberto Mancini who announced the end of the story with the former tronista a few days after the choice made to men and women.

Yesterday evening, during a live Instagram, Carlo Alberto Mancini announced in tears the end of the relationship with Nicole Santinellia few days after choice dating show adventure of Men and women.

Men and women, the attack of a former suitor of Nicole against Carlo Alberto Mancini

The former suitor, in tearsstated that Nicole seems to have understood that he was not the man of her life and that perhaps, to contribute to his decision, there was also the distance. Charles Albert he also asked to insult the young Roman former tronista because she was sincere and thanks to her he experienced important feelings so as to push them to make promises in front of all Italy.

After the video of the former suitor, many reactions have arrived, as expected. Among these, the former suitor Christian of Charles who chose to leave the dating show after witnessing, according to him, some inconsistent behavior of Nicole.

“All the knots come home to roost” he wrote By Charles on Instagram and then add a video in which sarcastically commented on Carlo Alberto Mancini’s video:

If at 35 I make a video announcing live that I’ve broken up with a girl, please tear me down.

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