Men and Women, Carlo Alberto Mancini returns to talk about the breakup with Nicole Santinelli

After announcing at the end of the story born with Nicole Santinelli a few days after the choice made to Men and Women, the former suitor returned to social media making some clarifications.

After having announced at the end of the story born with Nicole Santinelli a few days after the choice was made a Men and women, Carlo Alberto Mancini he returned to social media making some clarifications.

Men and Women, Carlo Alberto Mancini: “What prompted me to go live was not the futile gossip. Please, respect Nicole”

The former suitor, come on Instagramshared an Ig Stories also replying to the criticisms he received following the way he chose to announce his breakup with Nicole:

“I reflected a lot on what in absolute good faith prompted me to do yesterday’s live broadcast, which was certainly not futile gossip. Rather, it was the fear that Nicole would receive exaggerated and unfair criticism. I felt her instinctively as priority and I acted accordingly, without thinking about it, because I love her IMMENSE. Since the news would have come out anyway, I just decided to give my version. Perhaps too instinctively, but certainly moved by this sole intention of protection and I put my face in it as always!”

Charles Albert he then continued:

“Then if someone doesn’t believe I did it that’s why it’s not my problem. I think my sincere emotion at that moment is more than enough proof of my good faith. She is an EXTRAORDINARY woman and she respected me with her honesty and her frankness. As I told her before choosing, I wish her all the happiness possible because she deserves it. And it’s not a cliche, but only my real hope for her, because I really love her! In love there is you try, but sometimes the distance doesn’t give the answers you hoped to receive, that’s all. I accept it with great difficulty, given my current feelings, but reality, however hard, must always be faced openly.”

“I lived moments with her that I will never forget and I thank her for that. I don’t hold a grudge against anyone, not even those who attack me because I will always be in favor of freedom of expression. And if there is something that disturbs me it is certainly not the criticisms based on hasty judgments that I’m used to making me slide peacefully all my life. That said, I’m proud to have been TRUE up to the last minute and I thank the many people who have expressed their closeness to me. I concluded by asking please to RESPECT a a woman like Nicole who is exceptional not only on the outside, but above all on the inside. Thank you very much, Carlo Alberto.”

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