Last installment of Living is not child’s play: plot

Last episode Living is not child’s play

When to expect the latest installment Of Living is not child’s play aired on Rai 1? The last episode of the dramatic TV series is expected in prime time on the main channel of Viale Mazzini Monday 29 May 2023. Produced by Rai Fiction and Picomedia, it is directed by Rolando Ravello and is based on the novel The circle of truth by Fabio Bonifacci. The cast is led by Stephen Fresi e Nicole Grimaudo.

Previews Living is not child’s play last episode

During third and last appointment Of Living is not child’s play, composed of episodes 5 and 6 of the first season, Lele is convinced that it is only a matter of time before the police knock on his door, after the drug dealer who sold him the drugs has also been arrested. At that point he confesses everything to his parents and decides to turn himself in, but Sanguatti confesses a secret to the family for which he now risks being transferred.

Claudio Bisio plays Saguatti in a scene from
Claudio Bisio plays Saguatti in a scene from “Living is not child’s play” Credits: Giulia Bertini/Rai

Living is not a no-brainer ending and number bets

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How many are there in all bets Of Living is not child’s play and when are they aired on Rai 1? Fiction is made up of six episodes distributed in three early evenings exclusively on the main Rai channel. The last appointment, as already mentioned, is scheduled for Monday 29 May 2023 from around 21:30. Here she is complete programming:

  • First episode (Episodes 1 and 2) – Monday 15 May 2023;
  • Second bet (Episodes 3 and 4) – Monday 22 May 2023;
  • Third installment (Episodes 5 and 6) – Monday 29 May 2023.

ATTENTION: the programming of Vivere is not child’s play on Rai 1 may undergo changes.

Live is not child’s play live and streaming

If you weren’t able to follow the prime time appointments on Rai 1, how can you catch up on streaming Living is not child’s play? You will be happy to know that the fiction is available in its entirety – from May 12 – on RaiPlay, the streaming platform made available by Rai for its users. Here you can retrieve the episodes aired on the main channels of the network as well as watch live streaming what interests you most.

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