Beatrice Valli, the gaffe on the wedding anniversary goes around the web!

Beatrice Valli was the protagonist of a funny gaffe on social media for the anniversary of her. Let’s see together what happened!

Beatrice Valli e Marco Fantini they are one of the most loved couples to come out of the Men and Women dating show and the fans have always followed their growth as a family with affection, from the birth of their daughters to marriage. Therefore, she could not escape the gaffe on the anniversary of the fateful yes committed by the influencer.

Beatrice Valli, the gaffe on the wedding anniversary

After the birth of the baby Matilda Lucethird daughter for the couple Beatrice Valli e Marco Fantini, the couple has decided to take a break from social media, in order to be able to manage the new rhythms due to the presence of a baby girl at home. Of course, there is no lack of sharing of family moments and small misadventures – such as the rush to the hospital because the little one is Azurethe couple’s second child, had swallowed a coin while playing – and also memories and anniversaries, the date of which fans cannot have forgotten.

For example, just these days Beatrice e Marco they will celebrate their wedding anniversary, one of the most popular events on social media in recent years, almost on a par with that of the Ferragnez. Well, it seems that right on the anniversary date, Beatrice has committed a slip, immediately recognized by the fans. Yesterday, May 27, in a story about Instagram, Valli incorrectly stated that May 28 was her wedding anniversary with Jockeys:

“In all of this we haven’t forgotten, tomorrow is Marchini and I’s anniversary. To celebrate and rest, we’ll go to Tuscany for a week with the whole family. We would have liked to go back to Capri, but with all four of us, breastfeeding and the job we couldn’t handle it all.”

Fans, however, were quick to correct her, because the exact date is May 29th and not 28. A gaffe that has been around the web, but to whom Beatrice she followed up with an apology for the mistake, specifying that, in this period, she is very tired and tends to make similar mistakes.

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