Why The Witcher Doesn’t End With Henry Cavill Exit?

The Witcher: Why the TV Series does not end with the exit of Henry Cavill?

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The next season of The Witcher not only presents numerous dangers for the protagonists, but also marks the last we will see Henry Cavill in the guise of the witcher. “It was time for him to move on”said the showrunner of the TV series Lauren Schmidt Hissrichacknowledging that the news has been difficult to accept. “I think we all mourned it in our own way”.

Ma Hissrich Have you ever thought about interrupting the show with Cavill saying goodbye?
“We had a chance to end the series with Geralt’s exit, but it wasn’t something we were ready to do. There are still too many stories to tell. I guess that’s what none of us want”.

Con Hissrich currently in London working on the fourth season, the new Geralt has already been chosen: it will be Liam Hemsworththe star of Hunger Games:
“We are all excited about Liam’s arrival. He now has an important legacy on his shoulders, but he brings with him a lot of energy and enthusiasm. It’s a new chapter for us. There are a lot of feelings involved but, in the end, we love who we are.” doing. So, we’ll go on”.

The first part of the third season of The Witcher will arrive on Netflix on June 29, while the second will be available from July 27.

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