The Big Bang Theory had been teasing Amy’s arrival since season one

Today we could not imagine The Big Bang Theory without Amy Farrah Fowler (find out here 10 reasons why we love her).
This character not only made us laugh thanks to his absurd quirks, but he also made the protagonist grow and evolve. What would Sheldon be like now if he hadn’t met Amy? Surely he would never marry and never leave the apartment he shared with Leonard. And instead it was enough for him to fall in love with that girl to turn his whole world of rules and habits upside down and to be able to face the most difficult challenges. In Amy the protagonist of The Big Bang Theory he has found not only a friend but a person who has managed to appreciate him for who he is: a woman who loves him despite his follies and perhaps precisely because of them.

It’s funny to remember how the meeting between these two soul mates was born out of a joke by Raj and Howard.

the big bang theory

The two friends registered Sheldon on a dating site and based on his interests they looked for a girl who was compatible with him and incredibly they found one who agreed to meet him. After convincing Sheldon to go on the date, the two met and the Shamys were born. This happened in the third season of The Big Bang Theory (read the craziest theory concocted about the series finale here) when Mayim Bialik first appeared. Perhaps you have never noticed but in the sitcom the protagonists had already mentioned this actress before she had appeared in the role of Amy.

In the first season of The Big Bang Theory the authors were so brilliant that they anticipated the entry of Mayim Bialik in the cast!

The Big Bang Theory

In the thirteenth episode titled The Bat Jar Conjecture Raj, Leonard and Howard look for someone to replace Sheldon in the physics tournament. In fact, the boys decided to kick the protagonist out because they were tired of enduring his pride and arrogance. At one point Raj offers to call the actress of Blossom who has a doctorate in neuroscience, but Leonard rejects his idea. Blossom is a fun sitcom from the 90s that tells the life of a sweet Italian-American girl. The entertaining series that ended in 1995 made Mayim Bialik famous, the actress we love today for playing Amy. Among other things, what Raj says is true: the woman is a neuroscientist and completed her PhD at the University of Los Angeles.

But that’s not all: in The Big Bang Theory there is another easter egg related to the series Blossom: in the fifteenth episode of the sixth season Sheldon and Amy write different couples of their favorite movies and series on a blackboard to choose what to dress up as for Halloween. Among the many proposals there are also Blossom and Joey, the two inseparable brothers of the sitcom. Probably this detail was included to pay homage to the series that made Mayim Bialik famous, and perhaps in the first season the authors already knew that they would have made her join the cast after a few seasons.

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