The best dog and the least orthodox awards of the Cannes Film Festival 2023

A large official selection of titles again this year, that of the Cannes Film Festival 2023, which presents awards of all kinds, not only the official ones but also very collateral ones, such as the Palme dog or the Queer award. Let’s see the assigned ones.

The categories officially awarded during the closing ceremony of Cannes Film Festival they are always the same, beautiful traditional and for decades. It will obviously happen tonight too, and we’ll tell you who will take home palm trees and institutional awards. But over the years they have taken root old or new unorthodox trophiessome decidedly funny, and we think it’s appropriate to tell you about some. Almost institutional nowfrom the growing popularity in line with the indispensable company of a pet in the daily life of a growing slice of the western population, here is the Palme dog.

Brilliant pun or worn out, you assign it to best dog, also animated but not human actor, of the event. There are those who suspect that important roles are now being specifically included for the four-legged sweethearts in order to win the showcase of this award which has existed since 2001 and is voted on by a jury of international critics. The trophy consists of a leather collar with PALM DOG written on it. Obviously a play on words starting from the Palme d’Or, the Golden Palm.

Recognition grew immediately, on the wave of generalized sympathy. Unfortunately no Italian canine has ever been able to wear the prestigious collarnot even during this 76th edition, in which Messi triumphed in the role of Scoop, with a crucial role in the development of the plot of Anatomy of a fall. We don’t know if you use a total identification method, a Method Stanislavsky canine, but Messi handled it great, complete with monologue in which he swallows vomitit is not known if his or the dead protagonist who is investigated in the film.

Bravo, if not Bau Bau.

Another side prize of tradition, certainly more serious and important, is the Queer Palmefounded in 2010 by a journalist and dedicated to the film that best deals with LGBTQ+ issues. This year it was won by Hirokazu Kore-eda with Monster.

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