Men and women, the former tronista Lucas Peracchi explained why he chose to become a hard actor

Lucas Peracchi, former tronista of Men and Women, has opened a new Instagram profile making his debut as an actor in red light: “In the end it’s work, even if it doesn’t seem like it’s a good job”

Lucas Peracchiformer tronista of Men and women in 2015 next to Andrew Damanteopened a new Instagram profile “thoroughbred.lucas” beginning as red light actor.

Men and Women, Lucas Peracchi talks about his decision to become a red light actor

Also on social media, the 35-year-old originally from Castell’Arquato explained why he decided to undertake this job

“Let’s say that I started for fun with the blue site. Then, since I was no longer satisfied, I was delighted, I had fun, I liked it and everything, I said “but sorry, why not play at the big table?”. Also because I was a little tired. Let’s face it, OF has given many a power that they are not able to control in my opinion. And there are many creators, not all of them fortunately, who when they make their first money start to get angry. I have said, might as well do it with the grown-ups.”

Lucas he also spoke about his girlfriend Karen Eliana, specifying that she supports and encourages him in every decision:

“My girlfriend is very smart. She’s a fantastic girl who is truly the woman in my life. She met me doing this. She knows it’s also for everyone’s good. In the end, it’s work, even if it doesn’t seem like it’s a nice work. Someone has to do it. As Sgarbi said, we are the sex workers. She supports me in everything. She wants my happiness and that I reach my dreams. This is very important to me.”

Lucas Peracchi’s red light Instagram profile is already active and after the brief previews, you can view the entire paid content.

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