Men and Women, it’s over between Nicole Santinelli and Carlo Alberto Mancini: the announcement with a direct Instagram (VIDEO)

The story between Nicole Santinelli and Carlo Alberto Mancini is over, the last couple to come out of Men and Women. The former suitor announced it with a direct Instagram.

Just a week ago at Verissimo, Nicole Santinelli e Carlo Alberto Mancini they swore love and the suitor promised the tronista that he would take care of her. Sadly, seven days later, it was just that Carlo to announce the end of their love story.

Men and women, Nicole Santinelli and Carlo Alberto Mancini broke up. The announcement with a direct on Instagram

He wasn’t lucky at all classic throne of this second part of the dating show of Men and women: After Luca Daffr√® e Alessandra FumagalliAlso Nicole Santinelli e Carlo Alberto Mancini they said goodbye. This was announced by the suitor himself on social media, through a direct Instagram. During the course in the program of Canale5 conducted by Maria De Filippi, Carlo he stood out for his old-fashioned gentlemanly manners, for his promise to take care of Nicole and his feelings: in short, an authentic good boy, who the public seemed to have taken a liking to Andrea Foriglio, more elusive than his rival. The choice of Nicolewith which this season of the program ended, had amazed everyone, because the tronista was not expected to decide to leave the dating show with Charles Albert. Yet, so it was and Nicole he declared, during that fateful episode, that the reason why he chose him was precisely because Carlo he had shown her that he could trust him and had given her proof of his affection and that he was the man she had been waiting for so long.

After the episode aired, it had been a whirlwind of emotions, photos together – even if both are very reserved – and Verissimo, the suitor had reconfirmed his commitment to the tronista. However, today, Saturday 27 May, it was the same Carlo to announce the end of their story opening a live on Instagram. An unusual choice, but one that seems in line with the suitor’s open and malice-free character, who has on more than one occasion reconfirmed his esteem for Nicole, even now after the breakup, and how much the tronista is an extraordinary woman full of beautiful qualities. The suitor asked his followers not to insult Nicole and revealed that the distance between them also influenced the various reasons for their breakup – a distance that they had declared in the interview with the magazine that they would like to eliminate by living together.

In the live, Carlo he has declared:

“Please don’t attack her, she was honest, she didn’t do anything wrong, I wish her all the best, lots of happiness, she deserves it. You’ve met me, I’m not one to say words she doesn’t hear, if she’s done something wrong, I’ll tell you ‘I would have said. How did she know I wasn’t the man for her? That’s for her to say. Distance usually brings you closer, but in this case there was a lessening of feeling.”

The suitor also named very true and the interview he gave and here he couldn’t hold back his tears, remembering the good times:

“Even if it didn’t work, I thank her for letting me experience those moments and making me feel this feeling, which prompted me to make her a promise in front of all of Italy. I promised her that I would love and respect her, because I’m that kind of man…But today people like the man who escapes, evidently…”

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