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Matera Fiction 2023: Carlo Verdone, Nino Frassica and Elena Sofia Ricci among the guests

Matera Fiction 2023: Carlo Verdone, Nino Frassica and Elena Sofia Ricci among the guests

Carlo Verdone, Nino Frassica, Eugenio bennato and Elena Sofia Ricci among the guests of the first edition of Matera Fiction 2023.

Matera Fiction 2023: Carlo Verdone, Nino Frassica and Elena Sofia Ricci among the guests

The first edition of the Matera Fiction 2023, directed by Giuseppe Papasso, observatory on international television series, cultural incubator, very current event. The idea is to concentrate apparently heterogeneous themes in a single and rich program that relates them, ranging from cinema to publishing, from music with the inevitable transition to television and effectively directed both to insiders and to an audience of fans of the genre. Charles Verdone, Nino Frassica ed Elena Sofia Ricci among the announced guests.

The beautiful Elena Sofia Ricci in a scene from the fiction 'Giovanni Falcone'

The beautiful Elena Sofia Ricci in a scene from the fiction ‘Giovanni Falcone’

The key theme is “fiction”. The television series spread over several days of study including testimonials, insights, thematic exhibitions, music, tastings of typical dishes. Among the basic intentions, that of rereading and promoting multi-ethnicity, the enhancement of the territories, the changes in social and economic development, the historical memory, the rediscovery of the internal areas by making, of the current Basilicata, as history describes it, the projection of what has been over time, that is a melting pot of cultures, ethnic groups, beliefs. Characters, plots, settings, themes and trends become subjects of study and in-depth analysis, in this edition flying over both Latin America with the presence of Brazil (the new Tv Globo series is very interesting) and Argentina, as well as the Mediterranean for which Algeria, Tunisia and Turkey are present. The names are all of international appeal.

The program

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Poster by Nino Frassica

In detail of the program, with the common thread that connects the various days, the itineraries will start from the visual ones of the Mediterranean area with an overview of international productions, flying over Turkey, Tunisia and Algeria with covering the various roles: producer, actor, director, screenwriter.

A strong point of the program will be the very curious, unpublished, original exhibition that pays homage, with very rare “material”, to Basilicata through the screenwriter and writer of Lucan origins Carlo Alianello and the “king of television dramas” Anton Giulio Majano. Between L’Alfiere of 1942 and The Legacy of the Prioress of 1963, we will be captivated by the mechanisms of a television in its infancy through the reflections of the two intellectuals, careful to make the complex literature within everyone’s reach by adapting it into a script. And speaking of RAI-branded telefilms, Michele Zatta, Head of the RAI fiction structure, responsible for international productions, will also be present.

Carlo Verdone: “Sergio Leone hated the character of Furio in White Red and Verdone. Alberto Sordi saved him”

The guests

Among the Italian guests we find among others Carlo Verdone, Nino Frassica, Eugenio Bennato, Elena Sofia Ricci and Paolo Vivaldi, also the Artistic Musical Director of the festival. We also find the theme of music and therefore of the soundtracks in the TV series, with interesting forays into the “songs” of the Brazilian television series, up to the unforgettable soundtrack of the drama The Legacy of the Prioress. So, one more offer: film tourism. A journey that today is “monopolized” by TV series such as Sorelle and the very popular Imma Tataranni, where the visual experience as a spectator translates into the desire to find real places. The seriality is also an attractive event for a “tourism of the roots”, curious to know what moves behind the camera of the TV series but also eager to relive the places of memory told in the serials.

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