11 obsessive details you probably didn’t notice in the TV series

There is only one thing capable of creating more dependence of a good TV series: find hidden details inside the TV series. Hobby extremely fulfillingin Game of Thrones like in many other shows. At first glance, certain details are not perceived and perhaps not even at a second. But when they point them out to us, we can touch them the almost manic obsession of some screenwriters for the most insignificant little things.

Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, The Office, The Simpsons: each TV series hides an incalculable dose of small details, imperceptible nuances, which we have never noticed and which could make our brain go haywire!

Did you know, for example, that in The Big Bang Theory do the formulas written on the blackboards in the background contain real scientific operations? Or that the pants that Walter White loses in the desert during the pilot Of Breaking Bad do we find it in the last season in almost the same place? Obsessive details that the directors repeat for the sharpest eyesthe only ones able to find them.

We propose 11 of them here, leaving you plenty of space in the comments to enrich the list.

1) Captain Holt’s medal in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

game of thrones and tv series details

For those who don’t have a very keen eye, this is a detail hard to notice. The inscrutable Raymond Holtthe captain of Brooklyn Nine-Ninecarries one attached to the chest WTC Breast Barthe New York Police Department tag certifying that the officer was in service on 9/11during the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.

2) The score in the initials of Family Guy

game of thrones and tv series details

Among the best cartoon acronyms, I Griffin hides one little gem right in the opening sequence. When Lois she is in front of the piano, in fact, ready to start the dance, in front of her she has her own the score of the acronym which is about to play. An almost irrelevant detail, which however gives us an idea of ​​the obsessive attention that some series, especially animated ones, give to every single detail.

3) The signal between Hopper and Eleven in Stranger Things

Stranger Things has always been shown to have one great attention to detail. Just sift through each episode to notice details that make the difference: in a scene where Lucas’ father read a newspaper, for example, by enlarging the image, you can find an article actually printed by news agencies in the 80s.

Stranger Things, like Game of Thrones and many other series, takes care of even the most insignificant little things.

Therefore, the signal that Hopper and Eleven they use to recognize each other could certainly not be a coincidence. And in fact, when he knocks on the door, Jim makes a sound that in morse code translates with “us”, we. And it’s no coincidence either radio frequency with which the two communicate that, strange coincidence, it is set to “11“.

4) Daenerys’ braid in Game of Thrones

game of thrones and tv series details

Of the hidden meaning behind the hair of the Mother of Dragons we have already talked about it. In Game of Thrones few details are left to chance and so is the increasingly twisted braid of Daenerys Targaryen has a precise meaning. As well as a Khal elongates and braids its tail with every victory, even the Khaleesi carry on the dothraki tradition: after each battle won, his hair becomes more and more complex.

We thought it was a coincidence, but in Game of Thrones everything makes sense.

5) The Walking Dead theme song that gets old

game of thrones and tv series details

Have you ever noticed any differences in the title sequence Of The Walking Dead? Probably, watching one season at a time, we fail to realize it. But if we put them all in comparisonnext to each other, we would be able to see that, while the title of the first season is clear and legiblethat of the seventh is more faded, faded, clouded. As if even the title was affected by the weight of the years.

6) The detail of the date in Futurama


In the pilot episode of Futuramawhen Bender suggests hiding in the museum because “Tuesdays are free”, we would never think that there are precise reasons why that day had to be Tuesday. And instead, doing a quick calculation on the calendar, it turns out that the December 31, 2999the day the pilot episode is set, actually falls by Tuesday. Truly obsessive attention to detail.

7) The statue in the basement of the Simpsons


In the second season of I Simpsonil signor Burns give to Homer a giant statue depicting a head. No one could ever remember after more than twenty years and, instead, nella twenty-eighth seasonhere it is reappearing in the basement of the Simpson housestacked between old boxes and cobwebs. Incredible, right?

8) Beetlejuice’s cameo in Community

Beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice. In Community we hear of him at least twice: in 1×16 and 2×08. At the third timewhen Annie repeats the name again, here in the background, beyond the window, we see it appear for real! It’s not easy to notice it the first time, but those who managed to find it gave us a really funny detail from the series.

9) Beyoncé in BoJack Horseman

The popular American pop star hasn’t had a glittering experience in BoJack Horseman. Appeared in the first season, Beyoncé was the victim of a small accident that caused her a ankle injury. A detail that we could quickly forget? Probably yes, but not so for the writers of BoJack which in fact, in the last season, when they frame the singer again, present her with a small brace on the injured leg.

10) The messages hidden in the benches of Arrested Development

Buster Bluth he is sitting on a bench with a large inscription praising the army. He wants to enlist and become a soldier. Only a part of the writing is visible from the shot: “Arm… Off…“. It seems silly and instead shortly after Buster will lose a hand and will no longer be able to enlist. Did the bench send a warning message?

In another scene, Rita she is sitting on another bench, this time with an inscription on it “Brain”. Then it will be revealed who this character is mentally unstable.

But were the writers of Arrested Development really capable of such fine subtlety?

11) Michael’s magic finger in The Office

The Office is another one of those series full of puzzling details which we would never have noticed if someone hadn’t gone to fish them up. In Season 2, when Michael reveals that his corporate card has been blocked because he spent $80 on a magic shophave you ever noticed that Steve Carell wear a magic thumb? Brilliant, simply brilliant.

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