Men and women, Soraia Ceruti blocked Matteo Ranieri on all social networks: “False friend”

New rumors about the three former protagonists of Men and women: let’s find out what happened.

After rekindling their friendship, frozen for several months, the two former tronisti of Men and Women, Luca Salatino and Matteo Ranierihave immortalized themselves on social media witnessing the reconciliation and returning to the mawkish dedications of the past.

Men and Women, Soraia Ceruti: “Matteo Ranieri, a false friend”

It is not clear the reason that made them quarrel even if there has often been talk of a certain disappointment on the part of Ranieri in having discovered that Salatino would have joined the cast of the sixth edition of Gf Vip without knowing it from the person concerned.

However, what is certain is that Luca he found his friend again only after the end of the relationship with Soraia Ceruti and this fueled many of the doubts that their relationship could have been hindered or not particularly appreciated by the former suitor. It would also seem that many truths have not yet emerged so much that Soraia he recently promised that we will soon know how things really went. About that, Amedeo Venza, he added a piece regarding the ex-suitor who would have reset relations with Ranieri.

“Soraia blocked Matteo everywhere! The former tronista would have proved to be a false friend towards her by turning his back on her several times! These are some indiscretions that Soraia herself would have told some people and it is not excluded that she also does so publicly”.

Matteo Ranieri on the breakup with Luca, he has declared:

“Luca was on holiday with me in Recco and we argued over a silly thing! But then pride took over and perhaps that was the real problem: we didn’t speak to each other for ten days. In the end I wrote to him asking to see us to talk, but he was about to enter the house. I thought we’d have time to clarify and I also felt very guilty for not contacting him sooner.”

“Actually, I had sent him a message but he never answered me! Now I understand that this was a delicate moment for him, but at the time I took it. Then I learned of the end of his relationship (with Soraia, ed) and how much it had shaken him, so I said to myself: “I love Luca, we shared perhaps the most important period of my life” and I picked up the phone (…) I think Luca had even deleted my number because he answered by saying “Who is it?” (laughs). I asked him “But who do you want it to be!”, He recognized my voice and asked me what I wanted. I answered him that I didn’t want anything, just to know how he was (..) After a week of video calls I took a train and went to see him in Rome.”

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