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Isola dei Famosi 2023, Alessandro Cecchi Paone in red light “Simone and I made love in the water”

Isola dei Famosi 2023, Alessandro Cecchi Paone in red light "Simone and I made love in the water"

Alessandro Cecchi Paone has revealed that he and his boyfriend, Simone Antolini, had sexual relations during their stay on the Isola dei Famosi 2023.

Isola dei Famosi 2023, Alessandro Cecchi Paone in red light 'Simone and I made love in the water'

The adventure atIsland of the Famous 2023 Of Alessandro Cecchi Paone e Simone Antolini it ended with the return of the couple, after the illness accused by the young Simone. Despite this, during their stay in Playa Tosta, the two managed, as the science communicator told the weekly Nuovo TV, to find a moment to make love in clear Honduran waters.

Over the course of the seventeen editions of Isola dei Famosi, it happened that some castaways let themselves be carried away by feelings and consummate their love away from the prying eyes of the cameras. According to past rumors, there have been relationships between Aida Yespica and Francesco Facchinetti, Jeremias Rodriguez and Soleil Sorge, and, it is also said that Francesco Monte and Paola Di Benedetto had a relationship shortly before he left the reality show for the so-called ‘Cannagate’.

Also in this edition, two castaways have been overwhelmed by passion, and this time the situation is not so unusual, given that we are dealing with an engaged couple. Alessandro Cecchi Paone told Nuovo TV how he and Simone lived their night of love in the Caribbean. The journalist was taking part in the Isola dei Famosi for the third time, but in the previous editions hunger and tiredness had canceled all desire: “In the two previous editions in which I participated, nothing like this happened to me and my fellow adventurers. The hardships and inconveniences make sex the least of our thoughts“.

This time however, the presence of her boyfriend Simone Antolini made everything different: “The great attraction that exists between Simone and I has allowed us to go further and to give each other those moments of intimacy that we needed – said Alexander – While everyone was sleeping we made love with the still water and the full moon. It was an unforgettable moment, with a high rate of romance“.

The two, apparently, were seen by Christopher Leoni, to tell it was Paolo Noise who abandoned the program for health reasons, leaving his friend and colleague Marco Mazzoli alone, as seen in the clip uploaded to Mediaset Infinity . The conductor of Lo Zoo di 105 told, during his radio show, what the model had revealed to him. Christopher, who also returned home after losing the last televoting, would have told him that one night he saw “Alessandro and Simone do things in front of us as we were sleeping“, just as Cecchi Paone told the weekly.