A Place in the Sun Previews: Is Manuela ready to forget Niko with a new love?

The previews of Un Posto al Sole reveal to us that Manuela, after yet another disappointment on the part of Niko, will make the acquaintance of a new possible love. Let’s see together what will happen in the next episodes of the Rai3 Soap.

The Advances Of A Place in the Sun we reveal that for one of the twins Cyrilthe sweet Manuela, it seems that there may be a new love on the way. But she will be ready Manuela to forget Niko? And how will he react when he understands that maybe he risks losing her for real this time?

Un Posto al Sole Previews: Manuela still disappointed by Niko…

Fans of Soap Of Rai3 they will remember very well the sentimental pasts they have linked Manuela e Niko and still today they hope for a rapprochement between the two favorites. Manuela she was very close to the young Poggi, above all, after the death of Susanna, and it seemed that the lawyer also reciprocated. However, the Advances reveal to us that, once again, Nikoeven if unintentionally, he will once again delude the young woman Cyril. Manuelain fact, will not be able to believe that by the Poggi is receiving a new love disappointment and will seem more determined than ever to say enough. There Cyril knows he has feelings for Nikobut if he can’t reciprocate her, then, perhaps, this feeling has no reason to exist and she must by all means try to forget him…

Un Posto al Sole Previews: a new meeting for Manuela: Costabile Altieri arrives

The Advances from the Soap they also reveal to us that for Manuela there are interesting news in the field of love: after the umpteenth disappointment on the part of Nikofor the young girl Cyril a new acquaintance will come. In reality, it is a face already known to fans of the Soap Of Rai3: Costabile Altieri. It is another brother of Hope Altieri, Mariella’s niece and love rival of Manuela’s twin, the enterprising Micaela Cirillo. The young and charming Altieri he has already arrived in the soap on a few occasions, but the public, up to now, has always interacted and observed the events related to his brother Castrese and sweet Hope, while say costable little is known. Apparently, however, the young man will cross the path of the sweet Manuela not Advances they tell us that will be blown away by her.

Un posto al sole Previews: will Manuela be ready to forget Niko with Costabile? And how will Poggi react?

Manuela he will certainly not expect to make the acquaintance of the charming one Altierinor will imagine that costable might have some interest in him. Unfortunately, the Cyril still seems taken by Niko, who, however, can’t let go of the past and start a new life. But costablethey reveal the Advanceshas every intention of showing his interest in the sweet Manuelaso much so that it seems that, even briefly, the girl feels really flattered and is ready to forget the Poggi. But will it really be like this? And how will he react Niko? He will remain impassive to see a rival appear for the heart of Manuela or the arrival of costable Will it finally make him open his eyes and convince him to take action?

A Place in the Sun it’s going to happen every day from Monday to Friday on Rai3 at 20.50.

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